She is the One

58DC3994-C8C2-47B6-BFD5-6767C9A8337ASara never thought of herself as special. Sure, she was tall, blonde, and beautiful. But between genetic engineering, hair coloring, and cosmetic surgery, who wasn’t?

But then, in 2180, everything changed for her. She was looking for a position within the security force and had transmitted her CV in response to an inquiry from a bot investigator. When she got a message on her communicator regarding her CV, she provided the bot with her physical world coordinates and was instantly teleported to what looked like an underground room in a 21st century ruin.

Sara looked around the dank, dirty room into which she found herself when she noticed what appeared to be a tiny, iridescent dot on a far wall. She walked up to it and touched the dot with her index finger. That action brought the wall to life, a giant screen with thousands of horizontal dots and shimmering images appeared before her.

Instead of jumping back in fear, though, as so many who had preceded her had done, Sara was intrigued. She reached out and touched the screen and she instantly knew exactly what it meant.

At a different location in another dimension, the Managers were watching Sara as she absorbed what was passing from the screen to her consciousness. “Is she the one?” one of the Managers asked.

“Even in the darkest hour, you can see her light, the Manager of the Managers said. “She is, indeed, the one.”

Written for The Haunted Wordsmith Daily Prompt. Teresa selected the genre of “Superhero” and the Sentence Starter of “Even in the darkest hour, you can see his (or her) light.” Photo credit: Josh Hild on Unsplash.

MLMM Photo Challenge — Superhero

1A102F0E-975C-40CA-83F0-1FB9D25D9C8F“I’m Catwoman,” the creature sitting in the chair smoking a cigarette said.

“Catwoman?” Jason said, raising his eyebrows in a surprised expression. “Seriously, with those hairy legs of yours, you look more like Batman than Catwoman to me.”

“That’s not fair,” the creature hissed. “I was Batman last week. Besides, cats don’t shave their legs, do they?” And then it purred.

“May I approach you?” Jason cautiously asked.

“You may,” it said, letting out another soft purr.

“I’ve heard a rumor about you,” Jason admitted, “but I thought the probability of ever meeting someone with your, um, nature, was extremely low.”

“So now that you’ve met me, what insidious plan are you hatching?” it hissed.

“I’m not one to prognosticate,” Jason said. “I just want to understand what makes you tick. After all, you are the very first gender fluid superhero we’ve had on this ward.”

Written for this week’s Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge. Photo credit: Google Images. And for the following one-word prompts: