Lovers and Other Stangers

Jenna, over at Raspberry Ripples, was tagged for The Sunshine Blogger Award by a friend of hers. I was among a whole host of other bloggers that Jenna tagged, and while my blog is an award-free blog, it’s definitely not a question free blog. So here are her, shall we say, adult-oriented questions, along with my answers (or, in some cases, non answers). Ready?

1. Do you keep in touch with any of your ex-lovers?

My wife reads my blog, so I’m pleading the fifth.

2. Do you remember losing your virginity with glee or with a cringe?

A little of both. Glee because I lost my virginity. A cringe because I had no clue what I was doing. I wrote a post about what led up to it here.

3. Do you think online dating or blind-dates arranged through friends works better?

Back in the day when I was dating, online dating sites — or online anything, for that matter — didn’t exist. And since I met the girl who eventually became my wife on a blind date fix-up, I’ll go with that one.

4. Is there “one that got away” in your life? Do you think about them?

There were several that got away, but I’m happy with the one that didn’t, so we’ll leave it at that.

5. Do you have an outfit that makes you feel super-sexy?

Yeah, right. At my age, a t-shirt and sweat pants is about the sexiest outfit I’ve got going.

6. Do you have a favorite erotica book or movie?

Actually, many years ago I tried my hand at writing my own erotic stories and, to this day, they are my favorite erotic tales.

7. What do you find romantic?

Sitting cuddled up with my wife in front of a blazing fire on a chilly winter night sipping wine.

8. What do you do when you are feeling sad, stressed, lonely, or anxious?

The good news is that I rarely feel sad, stressed, or lonely. I do feel quite anxious about Donald Trump and what will happen to my country after Tuesday’s presidential election. How do I cope with that anxiety? I consume a cannabis-infused marshmallow. Works every time.

9. What’s your happiest, favorite real life sex memory/experience?

When my wife and I were dating, we would occasionally take quaaludes before having sex. One night we each took three ludes and made love five times before dawn. We were both quite sated, albeit exhausted, the next day.

10. How easy do you find it to have open, honest conversations with your partner about sex, about your preferences, or your limits?

It’s easy. Once a king, always a king. Once a night is enough.

11. What would be your perfect fantasy date night?

See my answer to number 7.

Does anyone else want to have a go at answering Jenna’s questions? If so, consider yourself tagged.

Song Lyric Sunshine

I’ve been nominated by s.s. at Mindfills for the Sunshine Blogger Award. So thank you, s.s. for the nod.

I don’t follow most of the rules for these blog awards, but I do answer questions, and the questions for this award are intriguing because they come from song lyrics. So here goes.

1. What’s love got to do with it? (Tina Turner)

My question is what “it” is. Before I can tell you what role love has in “it,” I need more information.

2. What if we said goodbye to safe and sound? (Troye Sivan)

I guess we’ll find out if Donald Trump gets re-elected in November.

3. Who’s zoomin who? (Aretha Franklin)

These days, everybody’s zooming everyone else in order to stay in touch with family and friends.

4. How do you sleep? (Sam Smith)

Fine. Thanks for asking.

5. How do you want to be remembered? (Magic)

I’d like to be remembered fondly, but I’ll be dead, so….

6. What if God was one of us? (Joan Osbourne)

He’d probably be lying in the street with a cop’s knee on his neck yelling “I can’t breathe.”

7. Where did all the good people go? (Jack Johnson)

I’ll let you know when I get there.

8. Are you listening? (Paramore)

What? Did you say something?

9. Do you practice what you preach? (Black Eyed Peas)

I don’t preach. I express my opinions, my perspectives, and my observations. Take ’em or leave ’em.

10. What are you waiting for? (Nickelback)

An invitation.

11. Why worry? (Dire straits)

What me worry

I’m going to tag Jim Adams. As host of the popular Song Lyric Sunday series, these questions are right up his alley.

The Sun Continues to Shine

BD6F80CC-A35E-4BE8-8C29-AF3A3FC1D8E8Jennifer, over at Paperkutz, has kindly nominated me for The Sunshine Blogger Award. As you probably know by now, I don’t follow most of the rules for blog awards. I don’t pose my own new questions. I don’t nominate other bloggers. But I do really appreciate being nominated and I do thank the blogger who nominated me, so thank you Jennifer. And I do answer the questions. So here goes.

1. Do you have a nice blog or do you have different types of posts?

I think my blog is a very nice blog, but I think the question being asked is whether I have a niche blog. And the answer is no, I have no specific niche, although some readers might think my blog’s niche is to complain about Donald Trump. That’s not the case. I blog about this, that, and the other, or whatever strikes my fancy.

2. If you have a niche blog what is your niche?

See above.

3. How long have you been blogging?

I started my very first blog in October 2005. I started this blog in May 2017.

4. Is your blogging still a passion or has it become a chore?

I really enjoy blogging, so it’s closer to being a a passion than a chore. But I’ll admit that there are rare times when It feels a bit like a chore.

5. When choosing to let another blogger know you are interested in their blog do you just hit like or do you leave a comment?


6. How often do you post and respond to other blogs?

I post multiple times a day and I try to read other bloggers’ posts every day as well.

7. What is your usual blogging routine?

I don’t really have a set routine for writing posts. I write when I get inspired, and because I use my iPhone, I don’t need to be near a  computer to write and post to my blog. As to reading and responding to other bloggers’ posts, I usually do that either first thing in the morning or at night when I’m in bed before I go to sleep.

8. If you live outside the United States, are you having the same riots that are occurring in the US?

I live in the U.S. and I wouldn’t characterize what’s going on here as “riots.” They are mostly peaceful protests and demonstrations.

9. Where is your favorite place to work on your blog?

Again, because I use my iPhone, my favorite place is anywhere I happen to be.

10. If you still have younger children when do you find flogging time?

Oh my! I assume Jennifer means “blogging” and not “flogging”! I’ve never flogged my kids! Since my kids are all grown up, I can blog (or flog) any time I want to.

11. Have you ever had the feeling that blogging was becoming overwhelming and considered ending your blogging?

In April of 2015 I stopped blogging for a little over two years because I had some personal matters to attend to and felt I couldn’t attend to those matters and continue to blog at the same time. It wasn’t a matter of feeling overwhelmed as much as it was setting and managing priorities.

A Little More Sunshine

9788AEEA-5550-4325-AA97-E10C9BC2B9B3I want to thank Aahana Aggarwal, the blogger behind The Mystic Wagon, for nominating me for The Sunshine Blogger Award. I don’t follow most of the rules for blog awards. I don’t pose my own new questions. I don’t nominate other bloggers. But I do thank the blogger who nominated me, so thank you Aahana. And I do answer the questions. So here goes.

1. What is your pet peeve?

My current pet peeve is directed toward those selfish individuals who, for whatever reasons, refuse to wear face masks or to maintain social distancing even as the incidence of COVID-19 continues to surge in the United States. These people are inconsiderate and selfish. And at the risk of sounding mean and vindictive, it would serve them right if they all contracted the disease.

2. What is your favorite genre of books?

My reading tastes are kind of eclectic, so its hard to pick out just one. Plus, I go through phases where I’ll read a bunch of books of a certain genre, like science fiction, horror, historical fiction, humor, thrillers, detective stories, or biographies. One genre I never read is romance novels.

3. Do you watch Netflix? If yes, which is your favorite movie/series on Netflix?

Yes. And Hulu and Amazon Prime as well. Again, my viewing tastes are pretty eclectic so I’m hard pressed to pick a favorite. But I really enjoyed the two seasons of “Homecoming” on Amazon Prime and the five seasons of “Black Mirror” on Netflix.

4. Do you prefer street food or restaurants?

I prefer restaurants, but in these days of the pandemic, most restaurants are open only for takeout or outdoor dining. So I guess every restaurant is now a street food restaurant. 😉

5. Would you rather live on a beach such as Hawaii or in a city like New York? Why?

I’ve always been a city guy, so I’d prefer living in a city, to living on a beach. But I like to go to a beach for vacations. At least I used to in the “Before Days.”

6. Which subject do you dislike or hate the most and why?

There’s really no one subject I hate or seriously dislike, but politics has become so divisive that I am beginning to really dislike discussing it with anyone.

7. Have you developed and new skill during the pandemic? Elaborate.

No new skills. Just the same old ones.

8. Why did you start blogging in the first place?

When I first started to blogging in 2005, it was (1) to exercise my writing chops, and (2) to feel the rush of publishing posts in the blogosphere. In 2015 I took a two year hiatus from blogging in order to focus on some personal matters. But by May 2017 I started blogging again because I could no longer remain silent on all of the shit that has been swirling around us since the election of Donald Trump six months earlier.

9. Any obstacle which you overcame to continue your heartiest desires?

My heartiest desires? I’m not sure that my desires are “hearty.” Is the question about my heart’s desires or about my hardiest desires?

10. Which book is your favorite and why?

I would have to say, for sentimental reasons, it would be “Watership Down” by Richard Adams. I had just finished reading this book when I went on my first date with the woman who would ultimately become my wife. I spent much of our first date trying to explain to her why a novel about rabbits was so good and was not just a book for kids. I convinced her to read it and she loved it. I’m sure that’s why she agreed to marry me. Well, that and my prowess in bed.65C516F7-9E1B-4467-B003-6A0DE650D64B

11. Which creature fascinates you the most? Why?

Um, rabbits? Why? See above answer.

Irresistible Questions

666C3AA8-C747-4D5E-B367-E871996F7E09Leigha Robbins was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award and she dutifully thanks the blogger who nominated her, answered the questions that blogger posed, and then created her own set of questions. But instead of nominating 12 other bloggers, she nominated all of her followers “cause you are all pretty neato and this will be fun to do!”

Since I am one of her followers, I am going to take her up on her challenge. Here goes:

1. Ok, you write a blog, so do you also play word games of any kind?

By word games, do you mean games like Scrabble? Crossword puzzles? Jumble? I’d say my wife is more into that than I am. The only word games I play are word prompts on WordPress.

2. Do you have any other type of creative outlet besides writing? Art, sewing, photography, jewelry making, etc.?

Nope. I’m not exactly a Renaissance man.

3. Do you listen to anything while you write or does it need to be quiet?

Sometimes music, sometimes the TV, and sometimes just the sounds of nature while writing in my backyard.

4. Are you an avid book reader?

I used to be, but not so much anymore. I probably read 6 to 8 books a year these days.

5. Name a country you would love to visit if the world wasn’t shut down because of the virus.

I’ve always wanted to visit New Zealand.

6. Have you ever written a poem about someone and gave it to them?

Not if I wanted to keep them as a friend!

7. Is there an author (living or dead) that you would love to sit down and talk to for an hour?

Stephen King.

8. Have you ever met a fellow blogger or interacted off WordPress?


9. Cake or pie?

Either one will do.

10. Coffee or tea?

My mother gave me tea with honey whenever I was sick. So for me, it’s definitely coffee.

11. What is the strangest movie you have ever seen?

I’ll reiterate my answer to Melanie’s question in her last Share Your World post about the most unsettling movie I’ve ever seen: “The Human Centipede.”