FFfAW — Something Fishy

C1DA0867-0D87-4865-B450-45E64CE722C6“Let’s play hide and seek,” Goldie the goldfish said to her fellow aquarium-mate, Tex, a Texas cichlid.

“Cool,” Tex said. “Shall I ask Angie, the Angelfish, if she’d like to join us?”

“No, she’s too delicate. She never wants to play games with us,” Goldie responded. “I think she thinks she’s too delicate. But how about Bozo?”

“Great idea, Goldie,” Tex exclaimed. “That clownfish is always fun to have around.”

“And Peter?” Goldie asked.

“Peter? Are you kidding me?” tex said. “That guy sucks.”

“Well,” Goldie said, that is his job. He is a suckermouth catfish, you know.”

“Okay, so just you, me, and Bozo, then,” Tex said.

“You and Bozo go swim off and hide,” Goldie said. “I’ll count to ten and then go find you.”

After a minute, Tex got tired of waiting, left his hiding place, and swam to the middle of the tank, where he saw Goldie. “Why aren’t you playing?”

“Playing what?” Goldie asked.

“Hide and seek.”

“I forgot,” she said. “You know I have the memory of a goldfish.”

(175 words)

Written for Priceless Joy’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Photo credit: Jodi McKinney.