Sunday Photo Fiction — Beware of the Owl

A7B1A86D-47B4-4324-BF07-17A798363651“Jeez, what happened to your shirt, dude?” Eddie asked.

“It was freaky, man,” Steve said. “I was jogging along Telegraph Road when I saw this really weird sign warning about owls in the road. I thought it was so odd that I took a picture of it.” Steve whipped out his iPhone and showed the picture to Eddie.

“Yeah, that is strange,” Eddie said, “but it doesn’t answer my question about how you ripped your shirt.”

“So after I took the picture, I started jogging again when I heard a screeching sound above me and an owl swooped down and started chasing me,” Steve said. “I fell down, the owl landed on me, and it started tearing at my shirt with its talons. I tell you, Eddie, I feared for my life. I’m going to steer clear of jogging on Telegraph Road from now on.”

“Dude, I think you were having a bad trip,” Eddie said. “What kind of acid did you drop?”

Steve held up his right hand. “Nothing man, I swear!” he said.

Eddie just shook his head. “Listen, dude,” he said, “if you don’t want to tell me about how you really tore your shirt, that’s your business, but to go with some random tale about being attacked by a freakin’ owl? Seriously, Steve, you need to elevate your storytelling game.”

Written for Donna McNicol’s Sunday Photo Fiction prompt and for these daily prompts: The Daily Spur (shirt), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (trip), Daily Addictions (steer), Word of the Day Challenge (random), and Your Daily Word Prompt (elevate). Photo credit: Morguefile.

Ursula Asks

2F6698C7-81F9-48AA-BE17-B95A1C647719In yet another one of her provocative posts, Ursula, at An Upturned Soul wrote about blogging — specifically storytelling and what you write and why you write it. In her post she posed a series of questions, probably intended to be rhetorical ones, but fascinating questions nonetheless.

So I decided, even though not invited to do so, go post her questions and to offer up my answers, for what they’re worth.

What will be discovered, uncovered, rediscovered or covered?

This question was borne out of her post’s opening question: “What should I write here? What about here, what should I say? And when I get over there what on earth will I be rambling, babbling and writing about?” My answer to this question is essentially “eye of the beholder.” At best, the reader will discover something he or she didn’t know, something interesting, entertaining, intriguing. Or maybe he or she will discover that whatever they read was not worth the time they invested to read it and will move on.

When you read a post or an article online, what do you think about it?

That depends on the nature and content of the post or article.

Do you think about what impression it has made on you?

Yes, of course. Some make a big impression, others not so much.

Whether you liked it or disliked?

Again, yes. If it’s a post, I will at least “like” it and, if I really liked it, I will tell the blogger in the comments why I liked it.

Are you arguing with the words on the cyber page or nodding your head in agreement?

Again, it depends upon what the post was about. 

Are you perhaps preparing to write a comment to tell the author exactly what you think of what they said, to share yourself with them as they shared themselves with you?

If I enjoyed reading the post, I will often post a comment with my thoughts. In most cases, if I didn’t enjoy the post, I’ll just shut up and move on. I see no reason to post a negative comment on a post I didn’t like.

Do you wonder about the author, are you curious about them enough to read their bio, their About page? Do you have questions which you want to ask them about themselves, but then talk yourself out of doing that because… why?

If I read a post that I enjoyed and am considering following that blogger, I will look at their About page to learn some more about the person behind the post. If there is no About page, I will not follow that blog. As to asking more questions, I will not ask them directly, but will hope to learn more about them by reading more of their posts.

Do you want to share your story?

My personal story is not exactly riveting, so I don’t think a straight telling of “my story” is not very interesting. That said, I do offer glimpses into my story through my flash fiction posts and the topics about which I choose to post.

Do you wish you could share your story, your thoughts, feelings, life, the way that others do?

No, not really. I am kind of attached to the way I express my thoughts, feeling, and life.

Do you think you’d do a better or worse job than they do at writing?

Neither better nor worse. Just, perhaps, different.

Do you think writing is difficult or easy?

I really enjoy writing, so I think writing for a blog is relatively easy. I’m not sure if I find it easy because I enjoy it, or if I enjoy it because I find it easy. But when it come to writing something longer than a blog post (e.g., a book), I have tried several times and find that extremely difficult.

Do you think blogging is a pleasurable pastime or hard work?

A pleasurable pastime. When and if it becomes hard work or a burden, I will stop blogging.