Slam Dunk

7AFBD860-DCD0-4D12-AD96-61CBB3588695Kenneth stood at the back of the empty courtroom and welcomed the respite as the jury adjourned to begin deliberations. It had been a long and grueling trial, at times lackluster and at other times quite spirited. But it was now out of his hands.

When he was assigned the case by the district attorney, Kenneth thought it was nearly identical to a case he had successfully prosecuted a few decades earlier when he was a young attorney. But once the trial began, he knew that his co-counsel, Cheryl, was right when she warned him that there’s a storm brewing.

“I’ve never heard so many lies come from the mouths of so many witnesses as I heard at this trial,” Cheryl told Kenneth.

“And for that reason, it should be a slam dunk,” Kenneth said. “But we’ll find out when the jury comes back if they bought the lies or if they find him guilty of obstruction of justice.”

Written for Teresa’s Story Starter Challenge where the line is, “There’s a storm brewing.” Also for Teresa’s Genre Writing Challenge where the genre is “legal thriller” using the above image from David Mark @

And for these daily prompts: Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (respite), Word of the Day Challenge (lackluster), Ragtag Daily Prompt (identical), and Your Daily Word Prompt (lies).

Beyond Your Station

E0D2E313-7966-4C87-A18D-24CC20EAAA41“I worship the ground she walks on,” Robert lamented.

No, no that will not do,” Marion said, “That will not do at all.”

“But she is marvelous,” Robert exclaimed. “I am simply unable to resist her charms.”

“She’s is a lady-in-waiting for the princess,” Marion said. “You are but a footman; you are well below her station. For you to pursue this ill-conceived misadventure would be neither rash nor dignified.”

“I must, for just seeing her makes me positively giddy,” Robert said.

“Robert,” Marion said, “I implore you to keep your head about you. If you wish, that is, to actually keep your head about you.”

Written for two of The Haunted Wordsmith’s prompts, Story Starter Challenge using the sentence, “No, no that will not do,” and Opposite Attracts Challenge using the antonyms “dignified” and “giddy.”

Also for these daily prompts: Your Daily Word Prompt (worship), Word of the Day Challenge (marvelous), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (lady), and Ragtag Daily Prompt (rash).

Hell Hath No Fury

61A1D6D9-F978-4733-B38E-F762948D1B5FI have no idea how it got there, I swear,” Tim said.

“You’re drunk!” Alicia said, tears welling up in her eyes. “You waltz in here at almost midnight, barely able to stand up, slurring your words, smelling like her perfume, and you have the nerve to tell me that you have no idea how her lipstick on got on your collar?”

“Okay, fine, but I promise you, babe, nothing happened,” Tim insisted. “Yes, I had dinner with your sister at her apartment, but it was just dinner and a bottle of wine. We were both a bit tipsy, and she said wanted me to sleep with her. But I told her no. So we hugged before I left, and she must have smudged her lipstick on my collar in order to cause a rift between you and me. You know how she’s always been jealous of you.”

“My husband and my sister, huh?” Alicia said. She smiled at Tim, moved in close to him and whispered tenderly in his ear, “You always said that you’re a family man.”

She plunged the kitchen knife deep into his gut. Still smiling, Alicia said, “Let me remind you of something you should have learned in English lit, Tim. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

As the light started to fade from Tim’s eyes, Alicia added, “Don’t fret, sweetheart, my jealous sister will soon be learning this same lesson.”

Written for yesterday’s Story Starter Challenge from Teresa (aka The Haunted Wordsmith). The story starter is, “I have no idea how it got there.”

Total Eclipse of the Moon

BAC5010C-BC9D-464D-A383-3314F09EE39DWhat is the nature of your trickery?
You are clearly using some form of witchery!
You have made the moon in the sky disappear,
Causing all of us to cry and cower in fear.
What demon tool is it that you use,
To make us all behave like fools?
Be warned that you have made a grave mistake,
And we are going to burn you at the stake.

You cannot burn me, don’t even try,
If you want your yellow boulder to shine in the sky.
It’s no witches trick that I implement.
Such a deception was never my intent.
I am a person of astronomy and so I allege,
That the moon will return if you watch the edge.
Returning your moon to you, that’s my thing,
And then you will bow down to me and kiss my ring.

Written for Paula Light’s Three Things Challenge, where the three things are “kiss,” “boulder,” and “yellow.” And for Teresa’s Story Starter Challenge using the phrase “watch the edge.” And finally for these daily prompts: Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (trickery),  Word of the Day Challenge (moon), Ragtag Daily Prompt: (tool), and Your Daily Word Prompt (implement). Photo credit:

A Day at the Park

B1F26FBF-F269-4F2A-B39D-E017C78AA051Aaron decided to take his family to the city park and to have an outing at the pond located at the north end of the large park. It was a beautiful spring day and his two kids were very excited about spending the day there.

Almost as soon as they got there, his kids wanted to go to the soft-serve ice cream truck parked there. “What can I get you today?” the girl at the window asked. 

“I want a chocolate/vanilla swirl on a sugar cone,” Andy said.

“Me too,” chimed in his little sister, Allison, who would always copy everything her older brother did.

Once they got their cones, they walked over to the pond, found a place to sit, and watched as a mime did his pantomime schtick, which Andy and Allison found enthralling.

After a few hours by the pond, the kids were getting restless, and Janice, Aaron’s wife, suggested that the kids might want to go to the part of the park where there were some amusement rides. The kids thought that was a great idea and ran ahead of their parents toward the rides.

“I want to go on the Cyclone,” Andy said when they got there.

“Me too,” Alison squealed.

Aaron looked at his daughter and broke the news that she wasn’t big enough to go on the Cyclone. “You have to be this tall to participate,” he said, holding his hand just above her head.”

Allison started crying. “That’s not fair!” she screamed. “I want to go on the ride with Andy.”

Janice bent down and looked Allison in the eyes. “You’ll be tall enough to go on the Cyclone next year, sweetie. So let’s let Dad and Andy go on it now and I’ll get some cotton candy that we can share while they’re on the ride.” Then she whispered in her daughter’s ear, “And we can watch Daddy get dizzy and throw up when he gets off the ride.”

That brought a big smile to Allison’s face.

Written for Rachel Poli’s Time To Write prompt this week, which is for the setting “At the pond.” And for Teresa’s Story Starter Challenge, which is “What can I get you today?” And also for these daily prompts: Word of the Day Challenge (copy), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (pantomime), Ragtag Daily Prompt (cyclone), and Your Daily Word Prompt (participate).