Share Your World — About Cereal, Toys, and Pets

Share Your WorldIt’s Monday and that means that Melanie has graced us with another edition of Share Your World. This time Melanie wants to know…

Is cereal soup? Why or why not?

No. Try putting Cheerios and milk into a sauce plan and heating it up for a few minutes and you’ll quickly see that cereal is not soup. Cereal is cereal and soup is soup, just like day is day, night is night, meat is meat, and fish is fish.

What are some interesting ways to answer everyday questions like “how’s it going” or “what do you do”?

These are examples of perfunctory questions that people ask without really expecting or even wanting an answer. That said, if someone asks me, “How’s it going?” I would typically say, “Fine and you?” But maybe someday I’ll instead say, “Well, tell me what it is and I’ll tell you how it’s going.

And if someone asks, “What do you do?” I might answer, “That depends upon how much time and how much money you have.”

What was your favorite toy growing up?

Probably my Etch-a-Sketch. I used to spend hours with that thing. I wish we had digital photography back then so I could have taken pictures of some of the more elaborate sketches I painstakingly created.

If you have a pet, and you could ask it three questions, what would you ask?

We are down to one pet now that our dog is gone. The three questions I’d like to ask our cat are:

  1. Why do you insist on jumping up on the table and sitting down right on top of my newspaper every morning when I’m having my first cup of coffee and trying to read the paper?
  2. Why at 5:00 every morning do you jump on the bed, walk on my body, and start kneading the blanket. Can’t you wait just another hour or two?
  3. What’s up with those gross hairballs that you spit up every few days? A little warning might be nice.

What’s one simple thing society at large could do to improve our world?

Wear a goddam face mask when you go out in public and keep your distance.

3TC — Lunch at the Canteen

6F378490-480E-46D9-B744-7101F8E01A7D“I’m hungry, Sarge. I’m heading over to the base canteen to grab some lunch,” Private Bailey said to Sarge. “Wanna join me?”

“Sure, Beetle. Let’s do it,” Sarge said. “My stomach is starting to grumble.”


“Hey Beetle, I couldn’t help overhearing you and Sarge talking,” Private “Killer” Diller said. “Would it be okay if I joined you and Sarge if you’re going to the canteen? The mushroom soup they serve there is really special.”

“You betcha, Killer,” Beetle said, “Personally I’m not crazy about mushroom soup so I’ll pass on that. But the hot dogs at the canteen are world class. Let’s go.”

And so the three soldiers happily headed to the canteen.


Written for Teresa’s Three Things Challenge where the three things are canteen, lunch, and soup.

FFfAW — Red Shoes


“What do you think?” she asked the man sitting next to her. He was not only her business assistant, but best friend and confidant. “I don’t know how I feel about red shoes.”

Lin smiled. “They are so you, Kaija,” he said. “They make my pulse rate go up when I look at you wearing them.

“Fine,” she said to the salesman, “I’ll take them, but please be quick about it. I’m on a deadline.” Then she turned to Lin, “And you are a naughty one, saying such things. You rarely talk that way. You are usually so business-like and succinct.”

“I am always direct and honest with you, Kaija,” Lin said. “And now I must remind you that we have been stealing time from your busy schedule. We must get back so you can finish your work before we meet the American businessman for dinner.”

“Yes, Lin, you are correct, as usual,” Kaija said. “Have the car retrieve me at seven. I will meet you at his home.”

“I have to tell you,” Lin said, “that he was going to serve meatloaf, of all things, for dinner, but I told him that you do not eat meat.”

“Thank you, Lin,” Kaija said. “You are such an asset.”

“I do what I can, Kaija,” Lin said. “I requested that he serve shark fin soup for you.”

“That is perfect,” Kaija said as she planted a friendly kiss on Lin’s cheek.

Written for this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers from Priceless Joy. Photo credit: Yinglan. And for Teresa’s Three Things Challenge (meat loaf, soup, stealing). Also for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (deadline), the Word of the Day Challenge (succinct), The Ragtag Daily Prompt (pulse), and Your Daily Word Prompt (confidant).

Time to Write — The Dinner

Image result for Mushroom soup“What one word would you use to define your marriage to Harvey?” The therapist asked.

Agnes sighed and dabbed at the tear that came out of her eye. “I would define my marriage as a failure,” she said. “How else can I explain why, after 20 years together and with three children, he would leave me for a younger woman?”

“Your failure or his failure,” the therapist asked.

“Mostly mine, I think,” Agnes responded. “I guess I should have seen the signs and been more proactive. By the time I recognized that something was wrong, it was too late.”

“That was five years ago, Agnes. You need to stop beating yourself up and move on.”

Agnes nodded her head. “Yes, I know. And guess what? I have a date tomorrow night.”

“That’s wonderful,” the therapist said. “Tell me about it.”

“I’m very excited,” Agnes admitted. “And very nervous. I met him at the grocery store. I looked at what was in his cart and he was buying mostly frozen dinners. I couldn’t help myself and I started to laugh. He gave me a dirty look.”

“Interesting,” said the therapist.

“Yes,” Agnes replied. “So I asked him when was the last time he had a home cooked meal. He told me that his wife had died two years earlier and he either ate out or nuked his meals in the microwave. So I invited him to come over to dinner.”

“I’m proud of you, Agnes.”

“I’m making homemade cream of mushroom soup, beef brisket, and potatoes au gratin. And my chocolate mousse cake for dessert.”

“I’m sure he’ll love it,” the therapist said.

“I know,” said Agnes exuberantly. “The one thing I know for sure that I’m not a failure at is cooking.”

This is a twofer. It’s written for today’s one-word prompt, “mushroom,” as well as in response to Rachel Poli’s Time to Write Random Words challenge. This weeks words are “define, “soup,” and “failure.”