A New Installment

3DC0FD7D-8768-4894-967C-304245BA51EDAnother irresistible installment of Rory’s Oh No Way, Oh So Way! prompt.

Talked to a complete stranger about life.

Depends upon how you define “complete stranger.” If you mean some random person on the street, then the answer is no. If you mean someone I didn’t know very well, like the friend of a friend or in a small group of people, some of whom I knew as well as some I didn’t, then yes.

Gone skydiving

No way. Not on a bet.

Got a tattoo

Other than a phony tattoo decal as a kid that washes off after a day or two, no way.

Had an allergic reaction

Yes, to an antibiotic.

Cried while watching a movie

Okay, yeah, I’m a pussy at sad movies.

Gotten gum stuck in my hair

If you count someone else putting gum in my hair, yes.

Fallen asleep in the sun and gotten burned

Oh so way. I was nicknamed “Lobsterman” that summer.

Over-plucked my eyebrows

Um, no way. I don’t pluck my eyebrows, although they have gotten bushier in my old age.

Been in a haunted house

One of those amusement park haunted house rides, but not a supposedly “real” one.

Fallen asleep during sex

Not during. But immediately after, yeah.

Wore a whipped cream bikini

I have never put on a bikini, whipped cream or otherwise.

Been to an “adult store”

I browsed.

Felt the presence of “paranormal activity”

I have felt the presence of paramedics and paralegals where I questioned how normal they were. Does that count?

Asked someone when they were due when they weren’t pregnant

Almost, but I checked myself before the words came out.

Seen a sex therapist

Well, that what she told me she was.

Burst out laughing at a really inappropriate time


Googled Sex addiction

Who, me?

Called someone the wrong name

Way too often. I’m good with faces, but not so good with names.

Walked in on a stranger who was butt naked

Not a stranger, but I did walk in on a girl I barely knew who had just stepped out of the shower. She was my roommate’s date.

Said you were minutes away when you haven’t even left the house yet

No, but I have said that I was “on my way” when I hadn’t yet left.