SoCS — Cacophony

This week, Linda G. Hill has given us the word “loud, or a word that means loud, as the focus for our Stream of Consciousness Saturday posts.

Megaphone I know that most of you who read my blog with any regularity would believe me to be a liberal person. And you’d be right when it comes to politics and social matters. But when it comes to everyday life, I’m actually a rather conservative fellow.

I don’t wear loud clothes. I don’t turn the volume up to 11 when I listen to music, although I do turn the volume on the TV pretty loud for shows that don’t have closed captions because my hearing sucks — probably because, in my youth, I used to turn the volume up to 11 on my stereo with my headphones on.

I don’t like loud restaurants because the clamorous ambient noise makes it hard for me to hear what others are saying, so I will occasionally nod my head and smile, hoping that doing so is an appropriate response for whatever everyone else is talking about.

For that same reason, I don’t like to go to loud parties. And the cacophony of noises on the street, be they fire, police, or ambulance sirens, or the sounds of passing buses and trucks, drive me crazy.

So deep down inside, while I may sometimes be loudly outspoken on my blog, I’m actually a very quiet man who rarely shouts or yells and who very much prefers peace and quiet to loud and boisterous.

And that’s one of the aspects of blogging that I love. I can write loudly without making a sound.

But At Least He’s Not a Democrat


Image result for roy moore“You’re doubting what she claimed happened?” asked Sarah. “Why would you believe a sleazy, dirty old man like that?”

“Because he said he didn’t do it. It’s fake news perpetrated by those who want to see him fail,” Michael answered.

“Fake news? Seriously?” said Sarah. “Five women have come forward. More than 30 other sources were cited.”

“I just find the claims to be dubious,” Michael said. “And even if he did it, she went along with it, didn’t she? She got in his car.”

Sarah raised a questioning eyebrow. “She was 14 years old and he was a powerful man.”

“Oh come on. It happens all the time,” Michael said. There are stories throughout recorded history of young sirens spiriting men away from the straight and narrow. This guy wasn’t the first to be tempted by the allure of some young beauty. And he won’t be the last.”

“That may be true,” Sarah said, “but it doesn’t make it right. He’s a pedophile who uses his position and power to take advantage of young, naive girls.”

“Fine,” Michael said. “He may be a pedophile and a really sleazy guy, but at least he’s not a Democrat.”

Written for today’s one-word prompt, “dubious.”