Missing the Point

4F0152DA-31D5-4157-9910-024E50A64B8DWhether you believe Brett Kavanaugh or Christine Blasey Ford and the other women who have accused him of sexual misconduct is not really the point. Even if the FBI’s further background check did not uncover anything to corroborate the accusations, Kavanaugh’s demeanor during last Thursday’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee should be enough to disqualify him from a seat on the Supreme Court.

Kavanaugh entered that hearing room full of vitriol and animosity. He came in with both guns blazing. He delivered an angry, partisan tirade, treated several Democratic senators with abject contempt, and was evasive in responding to direct questioning. He also told a number of lies while under a sworn oath.

So put aside, if you can, the matter of sexual assault. Even if Kavanaugh hadn’t been accused of sexual misconduct, or lied under oath to the Senate, or identified himself as the victim of a pro-Clinton conspiracy, his behavior last week was disqualifying, his conduct unbecoming of any judge, much less one bound for the highest court in the land.

As to the FBI investigation, it was clear that, with the imposed restrictions of a limited investigation in a limited time period, the outcome was a foregone conclusion. “There’s nothing to see here.” So now the Republicans have political cover to elevate someone to the Supreme Court who has demonstrated that he lacks the temperament for the position.

But this, it seems, is the way in Trump’s America.

Vetting the Nominee

174A6206-3BB2-454A-B7A3-13F71C9E0944“You call what you did a thorough background check?” The senator asked. “It’s clear that you did a slapdash job in your vetting process. You weren’t even able to ferret out that shameful sexual misconduct scandal that plagues the nominee.”

“Well, senator, we actual did ferret it out, but we decided that it wasn’t relevant to the hearings,” the researcher said. “And, not to make excuses, but the member of my staff who looked into that was verdant.”

“Verdant?” the senator said. “What do you mean by that?”

“I mean he was a rookie,” the researcher responded. “You know, green, inexperienced, wet behind the ears.”

“But it was your decision to withhold the facts from this committee,” the senator said.

“Yes, it was my decision.”

“So, because of your deceit,” the senator said, “you are essentially aiding and abetting the nominee in his effort to abscond from the responsibility of his onerous behavior, a behavior you knew about but tried to hide from the committee,” the senator said. “That’s deplorable.”

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Saints and Sinners

No one can say that the behaviors of either Senator Al Franken or Republican Senatorial candidate Roy Moore are saintly.

Both men have been accused of sexually inappropriate behavior toward women (or in the case of Moore, teenage girls). But that is where the similarities end.

Franken has admitted that he was inappropriate with the women who have come forward, he is contrite, and he is willing to submit to a congressional ethics committee investigation.

Moore has vehemently denied having done anything wrong, claiming that all of those who have accused him of sexual misconduct are lying.

I’m not condoning what Al Franken has done, but at least he’s manning up and taking responsibility. Roy Moore, on the other hand, is following the Trumpian path of deny, deny, deny, despite credible evidence to support the accusations against him.

But what I find truly remarkable is the difference between the way the Democrats and Republicans are handling these accusations.

Al Franken’s Democratic peers in the Senate are calling for him to resign his Senate seat, which he is likely to announce at a scheduled press conference tomorrow.

Republicans, however, are going all in for the accused pedophile Roy Moore. Trump has endorsed him. McConnell, who previously called for Moore to step aside, now says it’s up to the voters in Alabama to decide. The RNC has reinstated funding for Moore’s campaign. And if elected, it’s unlikely the GOP will not let Moore serve, since they need the votes for their draconian tax plan.

In a clear “party over country” message, the GOP would rather have a Republican pedophile in the Senate than risk having another Democrat in the Senate.

So here’s the double standard: Democrats are to be held accountable for bad behavior while Republicans are supported, no matter what abhorrent acts they’ve been accused of.

This is the height of hypocrisy. But this apparently is the way things are in the age of Trump.

Written for today’s one-word prompt, “saintly.”

Not Funny At All

The little snippet flashed across my iPhone’s screen this morning. “Oh no, not Matt Lauer, too,” I said to my wife.

Lauer joins a whole host of other famous and, for the most part, previously well-respected, highly-regarded men who have been accused of sexual misconduct. Men like Charlie Rose of CBS and PBS, Congressman John Conyers, Senator Al Franken, comedian Louis C.K., and actor Kevin Spacey, just to name a few. Many of these men have lost their jobs and their standing.

And yet Alabama Republican voters seem to be on a trajectory to elect Roy Moore, an accused pedophile and serial sexual assaulter of teenage girls, as their new US senator. The question remains whether or not the Republicans in the Senate will allow him to take the seat if he is elected. My money’s on yes they will, because they need the votes to pass legislation that will destroy America as we know it.

Of course, Roy Moore claims it’s all fake news and that the accusers are lying as part of a vast left-wing conspiracy to smear him. He’s even throwing blame on some mainstream Republicans like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Isn’t it funny that Roy Moore is following the same tactics as the orangutan in the Oval Office, Donald Trump, who is also an accused sexual predator, and who denied the accusations of the women who came forward, calling them all liars.

Actually, it’s not funny at all.

Written for today’s one-word prompt, “snippet.”