#TMAT120 — Bah Humbug

img_0030Dave hated the holiday season. It’s mostly because he’s an old fart whose kids are all gown up and out of the house living their own lives.

He rarely eats candy, but he stocked up for a bunch of little rug rats wearing inane costumes who rang his doorbell continuously for hours on Halloween night.

He also hates turkey, which he is apparently required to eat on Thanksgiving. And then there’s the never ceasing Christmas music assaulting his ears wherever he goes for the last two months of the year.

He has to rack his brain trying to figure out what presents to buy for people he barely knows and doesn’t particularly like.

The holidays are just one big hassle.

(120 words)

This post was written for the Tell Me A Tale in 120 Words prompt, which is “Why you love, or dislike, the holiday season.”

This challenge, which I’m participating in for the first time, is posted on the first Thursday of the month by Joelle (I think). Responders are limited to posts of 120 words.

And truth be told, while I am not a big fan of the holiday season, I’m not as grumpy as the protagonist in my 120 word response.

Manic Monday — Summertime Blues

Image result for crowded beach

Who doesn’t like summertime? Kids love summertime because they don’t have to go to school. Parents love summertime because they can take family vacations. People love summertime because the weather is warmer and the days last longer.

I don’t like summertime. It’s hot. It’s muggy. There is thunder and lightning, which is very, very frightening…to my dog. And to me.

There are mosquitoes. I hate mosquitoes. And ticks. I hate ticks even more than I hate mosquitoes. The grass grows like crazy in the summertime, which is just another chore that eats into my precious blogging time.

And then there are the kids. They’re off school. They’re everywhere. Those damn rug rats run around screeching and making messes with their melting ice cream cones and gooey chocolate candy to step in or sit on. The lines to get in anywhere are longer than during any other season because of all those freakin’ kids who are on their damn family vacations.

And talking about overcrowding, try going to any beach in the summertime. What a zoo!

Because of the laws of supply and demand, gas prices go up in the summertime. The highways are jammed with vacationers traveling hither and yon, making getting from point A to Point B take at least twice as long.

So go ahead, people, and celebrate summertime. I offer you a big, fat bah humbug to this crazy season. I’m just going to sit here, stew, and write a post about how I have a bad case of the summertime blues.

This post is written for this week’s Manic Monday prompt from Sandi over at Flip Flops Every Day.

And for what it’s worth, I don’t really hate summertime. Well, not as much as one might think after reading this post, anyway.