#writephoto — The Tower

“Look, Daddy,” Michael said, excitedly pointing to the tower next to the stone ruins of what was once a great castle. “Will we also see a giant king, queen, knight, and bishop while we’re here?”

Michael’s father looked at his son. He was somewhat perplexed. “Michael, why would you ask me about giants?”

“Because, Daddy,” Michael said, pointing again toward the tower, “there’s a giant rook right there. So where are the giant knight, bishop, king, and queen? I don’t see them anywhere.”

“Ah,” Michael’s father said, finally understanding what his young son meant. He had just started teaching Michael how to play chess and Michael really seemed to take to it. So he could see how that tall tower resembled the chess piece, the rook, and how seeing a very tall rook-shaped tower might give his five-year old son the impression that other giant chess pieces might also be nearby.

“Michael,” his father said, “that’s not a giant rook. It’s a tall tower with a battlement on top that was probably once used for the castle’s defense. Because towers like that one were the tallest structures of the castle, they could provide a great vantage point for archers to shoot down at oncoming attackers.”

“Oh,” Michael said.

His father could see the disappointed look on his young son’s face. “But you know what, Michael, let’s walk all around the place and who knows, maybe we’ll find a giant king, queen, bishop, and knight if we try hard enough.”

Written for this week’s #writephoto prompt from KL Caley. Photo credit: KL Caley.