MLMM Photo Challenge — The Jack of Spades

The queen was having an affair with the jack
All the while behind the king’s back
When the king finally found out
The jack had stolen his queen’s heart
He shot the jack with a poisoned dart
Then buried the scoundrel in the castle glade
Digging the grave using the jack’s own spade

Written for the Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge. Photo credit: Mahdie Farhadkiaei.

The Gift of Sunshine

2496c72b-6f26-4adf-b5ba-9edd86238d1fRory, aka, A Guy Called Bloke, received his 11th, 12th, and 13th Sunshine Blogger Award nominations. Of course he did, because the Sunshine Blogger Award is “an award for creative, positive, and inspiring bloggers who spread ‘sunshine’ to the blogging world!” And Rory certainly does that.

Rory was kind enough to gift me, among others, with that very same award. So thank you, Rory, for that generous gift. And in recognition of his generosity, I am going to answer his five questions. Here we go.

You know in the movies when the victims are being chased by the terrible nasty and they hit them, and think they are dead, but look back and discover the body gone?? If this was YOU how would you ensure the thing stays dead?

I’d pull a Queen of Hearts from “Alice in Wonderland” and shout “Off with its head!” That should do it, right?299e404e-f811-4f1d-b712-437b94ce7641

Have you ever tried sneezing with your eyes open? Why not?

I tried sneezing with my eyes open one time and my eyeballs flew out of their sockets. So never again.a4acf2ad-b985-4aa8-98f2-1ad1e2b45373

Do you have any unusual party tricks?

Yes, leaving unnoticed as early as I can.

Name 5 things you can do with hot wax?

  1. Seal an envelope or a folded letter.
  2. Remove unwanted hair from your body.
  3. Make your own personalize candles.
  4. Pour it over your worst enemy’s head.
  5. Re-secure eyeballs into their sockets after attempting to sneeze with your eyes open.

Name 5 things you should never do when drunk and disorderly and if you have never been in that state then name 5 things you would do if you were?

  1. Drive a car, unless it’s someone else’s car.
  2. Throw a punch at the police officer who pulled you over for driving erratically.
  3. Throw up all over your spouse, significant other, date, and/or your friends.
  4. Tell your boss what you really think of him/her at the office Christmas party.
  5. Attempt to sneeze with your eyes open.

Twittering Tales — Off With Her Head

340C5221-D5C4-46FF-A5C4-B208E711308B“Mommy, why does that statue of a girl have no head?”

“That’s Alice from the Lewis Carroll tale, ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.’”

“But Mommy, where’s Alice’s head?”

“Oh, she had a run in with the Queen of Hearts.”

“A run in?”

“Yes, the Queen shouted, ‘Off with her head!’”


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Written for Kat Myrman’s Twittering Tales prompt. Photo credit: Couleur at