More Rory’s Provocative Questions

2B695433-9259-4F0D-AC22-7B219D236533I’m not the only blogger who asks provocative questions. Rory, aka, A Guy Called Bloke, has his own set of thought provoking questions.

At what point in our lives do you think we think we are good enough?

The point at which we think we are good enough.


In life, what do you consider beautiful?

The point in life at which we consider life to be beautiful.


Do you think that when we dream, we can dream within a dream? But if you don’t dream, why do you think that is?

I know that there have been times within a dream when I said to myself, “this is just a dream,” but I don’t know if you can actually have a dream within a dream. Then again, I usually can’t remember most of my dreams within a few minutes after waking up.


How do you manage your stress or do you not suffer from stress?

There’s nothing like a little Ben & Jerry’s Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream ice cream to relieve the stress.


Are there things or maybe just one thing you wish to achieve before you die?

Reaching the point at which I feel I’m good enough and that life is beautiful.


Some experience many things during their lifetimes, but do you think there is something that everyone should experience at least once?

Yes. Eating a whole pint of Ben & Jerry’s Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream ice cream in one sitting.


Are you afriad to be different? To stand out from the crowd, to push away your peers if needs be and say “I am ME!”

No, I’m not afraid to be different as long as I blend in and remain unnoticed.


Which do you think is easier ‘to hate or to love?’

When I was a young buck, one of my favorite songs was Stephen Stills’ “Love the One You’re With,” where part of the lyrics include the line, “If you can’t be with the one you love honey, love the one you’re with.” My girlfriend at the time hated that that song was my favorite when I was dating her. And that’s all I have to say about love and hate.

Rory’s Provocative Questions

D90AEE63-91C1-4760-822F-66DD11EA0AC5It looks like I’m not the only one who periodically asks provocative questions. Rory, A Guy Called Bloke, has also posed some provocative questions of his own, but unlike mine, his questions offer some multiple choice answers.

Rory’s questions and my answers:

Is Social Media Ruining Genuine Friendship & Encouraging More Loneliness?

  • Yes, It’s Damaging Us
  • No, It’s another format
  • No Opinion
  • Actually, I think…

Yes and no. Just like the advent of the internet, social media does some good and some harm depending upon who’s using it, how they’re using it, and why they’re using it. Sure, some social media sites can have a negative impact on some folks, while for others, they can be very reinforcing. And while social media may be altering the way people interact with one another, I don’t believe that, overall, it is ruining genuine friendships or encouraging greater loneliness. That hasn’t been my experience, anyway. But I don’t have much of a social media presence, other than on WordPress, and I’m an old geezer, so what do I know?

Why Do People Bully Others?

  • Insecurity
  • Avoid Own Problems
  • Look Cool
  • For Fun

 Because some people are assholes.

Which Stigma/Taboo Is Worse?

  • Mental Health
  • Self Harm
  • Suicidality
  • Bullying

I suppose suicide is the most drastic harmful action anyone can take, since there’s no going back once done. I don’t know, in terms of stigmas or taboos, which of the others is worse. Bullying is outwardly directed, so the bully hurts others, whereas self-harm is inwardly directed. And mental health, per se, is neither a stigma nor a taboo. It’s something everyone should strive to maintain or achieve.

Do You NEED People In Your Life? How Many People Do You Meet With & Talk

  • 1-3 per Day
  • 4-9 Per Day
  • 10-17 Per Day
  • 18+ Per Day

I think we all need people. No man — or woman — is an island. That said, the number of people one interacts with depends upon a person’s circumstances and situation. For example, I’m retired, so I no longer interact daily with a whole host of work associates. I have my wife and kids and a very small circle of friends with whom I regularly interact in the real world. And here on WordPress, I interact daily through my blog and their blogs with several dozen “regulars,” way more than in the real world.