And Then There Was This

90BC03AE-42DC-42CF-ADB2-6B3C48D3832CEarlier today I published a post, “Rally Fatigue,” in which I lamented that people seem to have grown weary of attending anti-Trump rallies and protest marches. And it’s hard not to feel fatigued, since the despicable moron in the Oval Office gives us reason after reason to go to protest rallies and marches.

Just today the vindictive ignoramous demanded that American flags not be flown at half staff to honor the passing of John McCain. Traditionally, sitting senators who die in office have flags lowered in their honor from date of death until burial. How pathetic, thin-skinned, self-centered, and low-class can “our” president be?

One blogger, some dude who calls himself Jonolan, apparently feels a little different when it comes to those who rally against our asshole-in-chief. He graced my post with this comment:

“Yep. it sucks. I kept hoping that they’d grow and escalate so as to give Americans and OUR President the excuse to gun them down en mass as a matter of national security.

And yeah, you ‘wife’ would look so much better with a bullet hole through her nasty face, just like any other domestic enemy of the American people.”

My blogging buddy, Marilyn Armstrong, responded to that comment. She wrote:

“Ban Jonolan. Anyone who threatens you with a bullet in the face, ban him from your sight and REPORT HIM TO WORDPRESS. Don’t mess around with them. They aren’t cute or funny and ignoring them is a good way to wind up dead.”

I’ve decided not to ban him. Instead  I want to keep his comment there to remind me that Hillary was right all along when she said that half of Trump’s supporters belong in a basket of deplorables. Certainly this Jonolan guy is, as I responded in my post to his comment, “one sick puppy.”

Reap What You Sow

203A9AC5-D06F-4F7A-A6FB-0C0C6411176D“Donald, you can’t continue to sow discontent on the American people,” the president’s lawyer told him. “Ultimately you will reap what you sow, and it won’t be pretty.”

“I know what I’m doing, believe me,” the president said. “I’m a very smart person, a genius, a stable genius.”

“All due respect, Mr. President,” the lawyer argued, “even you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.”


Written for the “In Other Words” prompt from Patricia’s Place, where the word is “sow.” We are asked to write a story or poem of five lines or less using the word “sow.” Image credit: Kate Salley Palmer.

FFfPP — The “Roll” Model

1891F916-FAE3-462D-B83F-52CD77FF90D5More than ten months after the hurricane devastated the island, potable water was still in short supply and electricity was, at best unreliable and sporadic. Inhabitants had to trek daily, sometimes for miles, carrying their buckets and bottles, waiting in long lines, just for enough of the precious, clean water to survive.

Resources, some from the federal government through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), but mostly from the local governments, businesses, and generous donors, helped to pay for relief supplies and arranged for pallets flown in from the mainland with bottled water. The logistics of getting the water distributed, particularly to the more remote sections of the island were challenging.

The people of the island continued to suffer, storm-related deaths continued to mount. But the president has everything under control. He gave himself an A-plus for the way he handled the disaster, despite the fact that the island was surrounded by “big water.”

And the president considered his crowning achievement to be when he showed up on the island and lifted the residents’ morale when he tossed them rolls of paper towels.

Yes, the president is definitely a “roll” model for the people of Puerto Rico.68FF4791-E4C1-4E73-9388-4879CA24D2DB

(197 words)

Written for this week’s Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner from Roger Shipp. Photo credit: MorgueFile May 2018 1421077743edokn.

#FOWC — Quite Preposterous


“That’s absurd. Absolutely ridiculous. Downright foolish. Incomprehensibly stupid. Completely ludicrous. Even farcical. Quite laughable, actually. Almost comical. Totally nonsensical. You must be insane. Trump as President of the United States? Preposterous.”

The above quote was attributed to most Americans in the fall of 2016.

Written for today’s Fandango’s One-Word Challenge, “preposterous.”

SoCS — The Handwriting is on the Wall

BF1EF888-67D8-4F09-B8D7-9C4DDDE06F0CToday’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt from Linda G. Hill asks us to use the word “letter” in our post or to theme our post on any meaning of that word.

The first thing that came to mind for me was last month’s A to Z Challenge, for which I posted 26 times, one post for each letter of the alphabet.

Next, I thought about the phrase “the letter of the law” and how are current president has seemed quite willing to flout it nearly every day since he was sworn into office almost a year and a half ago.

And then I thought about a line from the song “The Letter” by the Box Tops, with a cover by Joe Cocker, that goes, “My baby, just-a wrote me a letter.”

And that made me wonder about the last time I actually sat down and wrote anyone a handwritten letter. I can’t remember. Maybe not in this century.

I don’t often write in longhand (i.e., cursive) anymore, primarily because my handwriting is not very legible. Even to me. So on those extremely rare occasions when I need to send someone a physical letter — when an email or a text message just won’t do — I sit at my computer, compose the letter, print it out, sign it, fold the paper, stick it in an envelope, affix postage to the envelope, and take it to the post office.

Because, if I’m going to go through all of that trouble to “write” someone a letter, I sure as shit want them to be able to read it.