Day 6 — Thriller

0B9EB813-8C50-48B2-AD14-5967FF7AB634Today’s (day 6) prompt in the 30-Day Song Challenge is “a song that makes you want to dance.” As strange as it may sound, I can’t not get up and start doing the dance routine from Michael Jackson’s “Thiller” video whenever I hear that song.

You see, a number of years ago, my good buddy got married on Halloween night and those of us in the wedding party surprised the newlyweds by performing the “Thriller Dance” at the reception. We were given an instruction sheet with all the moves listed on it, similar to this:92F1229B-4332-48C1-B259-0E73F0865068And for the two weeks prior to the wedding, we got together about six times to learn the choreography and to practice.

At the night of the reception, the ushers and bridesmaids nonchalantly made our way to the dance floor and the DJ started playing “Thriller.” Everyone else at the reception went completely nuts, including the bride and groom.

And now, years later, I still can’t resist doing the Thriller Dance when I hear this song.


100WW — Swimming Upstream


“Is it always like this?” Amanda asked her boyfriend, Josh.

“Pretty much,” Josh said. “The drama class, one of the most popular classes on campus, meets in the theater arts building on the other side of this bridge. That class lets out about ten minutes before my practice begins, so I end up doing this salmon swimming upstream thing every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.”

“Are you ever late for practice because of all of these students blocking your way?” Amanda asked.

“No,” Josh said, “They’re drama students, not members of the wrestling team like me. They clear a path for me.”

(100 words)

Written for Bikurgurl’s 100 Word Wednesday prompt.