A Few Extra Ingredients

40E0794D-69C6-43F6-B78A-090720E93602“I guess it won’t be harmful to add a few extra ingredients to the recipe,” Darlene said.

“Well, Darlene,” her best friend, Andrea said, “I’m not trying to cajole you into doing something you’re not comfortable doing, but I do think it would, shall we say, improve the final product.”

“Let’s hope it won’t ruin things,” Darlene said. “People are counting on me and the last thing I want to do is to deteriorate the flavor.”

“If anything,” Andrea said, “it will enhance it for everyone.”

Later that night, as the party progressed, everyone was marveling at how great Darlene’s cookies were. “Darlene,” Greg said, “these are, far and away, the best oatmeal raisin cookies I’ve ever tasted. They are truly exemplary.”

“Thanks, Greg,” Darlene said. “But Andrea deserves the credit. She brought over some special ingredients that she suggested I add to the recipe”

“Whatever the recipe is,” Sammy, another guest at the party said, “you should apply for a copyright. The more of these cookies I eat, the more I want.”

Darlene looked over at Andrea and smiled. “So do you think we can get a copyright for our recipe for pot-infused oatmeal raisin cookies?”

Both women broke out in an almost uncontrollable laughter.

Written for the following one-word prompts. Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (guess), Scotts Daily Prompt (harmful), Your Daily Word Prompt (cajole), Daily Addictions (deteriorate), Word of the Day Challenge (exemplary), and Ragtag Daily Prompt (copyright)

Friday Fictioneers — Gummies

img_1977The three of them walked slowly toward the house at the end of the pier. Trying hard not to slur his words, Alan said, “We’re almost there, Andrea.”

“I’m not as stoned as I think I am,” she responded.

Harry burst out laughing. “You mean you’re not as stoned as we think you are.”

“That’s what I said,” Andrea pointed out.

“No,” Alan replied. “You said you’re not as stoned as you think you are.”

“Same difference.” Andrea smiled and said, “I told you my grandson’s pot-infused gummies would sneak up on you. Let’s all go skinny dipping, shall we?”

(100 words)

Written for Rachel Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers prompt. Picture credit: Ted Strutz.

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

6ACB6752-0C24-4DD1-AF33-E4F81FD50F82“Who are you to lecture us about pot, Mom?” Sam said.

“Yeah, Mom,” Rebecca added. “We know that you and Dad smoked grass, took quaaludes, and even dropped acid when you were young. We overheard you telling Uncle Larry and Aunt Marion about it.”

“And you both have a glass or two of wine at dinner almost every night,” Sam pointed out.

“Besides, now that grass is legal in our state, I heard Dad tell you that he bought some pot-infused gummies,” Rebecca added.

“Yes, and we also used to smoke cigarettes back then, too,” their mom said. “No one knew how bad cigarettes were for your health.”

“You’re deflecting, Mom,” Sam said. We’re talking about pot, not cigarettes.”

“And we’re talking about edibles, not smoking,” Rebecca pointed out.

“We were young and stupid back in the day. And you have to be 21 to purchase marijuana anyway. Your father and I are certainly not going to buy it for you.”

“So are you seriously throwing the old ‘do as I say, not as I do’ argument at us?” Sam asked.

“Someday you’ll have children of your own and then you’ll understand.”

“Gee, I’ve never heard that one before,” Rebecca said sarcastically. “What’s next? As long as you’re under our roof you’ll do as we say.”

“That’s exactly what I’m going to say,” their mom answered. “When you and your brother turn 21, Rebecca, you can do whatever you want to do, but in the meantime, you’ll do what your father and I tell you to do.”

“Too late, Mom,” Rebecca said. “We found those gummies Dad got and they’re just starting to kick in about now.”

“Okay fine,” their mother said. She went to the cabinet, found the gummies, and ate one. “Don’t tell your father when he gets home from work.”

Written for today’s one-word prompt, “lecture.”