The Show Must Go On

“Do you have a qualm about your role in the play?” the director asked James.

James was slow to respond to the director’s question, and the others in the cast thought they could actually see the wheels turning inside of James’ head. “May I have some water?” James asked. “Suddenly I’m very thirsty.”

“Sure,” the director said, motioning to another cast member to fetch a bottle of water and hand it to James. “So, are you okay with this role, James?”

“Well, yes,” James said, “but I don’t understand why I have to be….”

“James,” the director said, “your role is that of a sea creature that has just emerged from the ocean and is experiencing human sentience for the first time in its life.”

“Yes, I understand that,” James said, “but is it really necessary for me to perform this scene….”

“Yes, James,” The director said. “You are a primitive creature stepping out from the depths of the sea as you evolve into human form, so for the sake of authenticity, you must be naked, totally naked, in this scene.”

“Yes, I get it,” James said. “But….”
EFBFF48D-5985-4819-8167-FD232656745D“James, I am confident that once you’ve rehearsed this scene enough times, and when we’re ready for opening night,” the director said, “you won’t have to be concerned about the erection you are now, um, displaying.”

“I understand,” James said. “No matter how hard, the show must go on.”

Written for these daily prompts: Word of the Day Challenge (qualm), Ragtag Daily Prompt (slow), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (cast), The Daily Spur (thirsty), Daily Addictions (sea), and Your Daily Word Prompt (sentience).

SoCS — The Audition

7A7886EB-6957-490B-903E-1B211A7BBE89As the next wannabe actor stepped out onto the stage, the casting director, Charles Stone, sitting a few rows back in the auditorium, called out, “What’s you name?”

“Good morning, sir. My name is Andrea Rankinoff,” the woman said.

“All right, Andrea,” the casting director said. “What role are you auditioning for this morning?”

“Well, sir,” Andrea answered, “I’m just going to roll the dice and try out for the lead role.”

“The lead, huh?” Charles said, with a little bit of a chuckle. “We have already cast that part, my dear. Is there another role you want to try out for?”

“No sir. Just the lead. I know you’ve given that role to someone else, but I honestly believe I would be a better fit,” Andrea said.

Charles turned to someone sitting behind him. “Honey, can you fetch me another sweet roll and refresh my coffee? We might be here for a while.” Then he turned back to the woman standing on the stage. “You said your last name is Rankinoff?”

“Yes sir,” Andrea said.

“You know that the name of the author of this play is Andrew Rankin,” Charles said. “Is it just a coincidence, Andrea, that your name resembles that of this play’s author?”

“No,” Andrea answered, “it’s not a coincidence. Andrew Rankin is my pen name. I’m the author of the play and the story is somewhat autobiographical. So who better to be cast in the role of the protagonist than the writer who created her?”

“Interesting, Andrea,” Charles said. “But as I said, the lead role has already been cast. However, if you’re willing to audition for a secondary role, and if you’re good enough to get that part, I’ll let you also understudy for the lead.”

“Well, it’s a little disappointing, sir,” Andrea said, “but I guess I’m willing to roll with the punches, so fine, I’ll do it.”

Written for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt from Linda G. Hill. Linda has asked us to write a post using “role” and/or “roll.”

Hook, Line, and Sinker

4E0E6893-96ED-40E1-A62A-7DFA01854D35I am loath to write yet another post about Donald Trump, but I can’t help myself. I really loathe the man. There is nothing Donald Trump says or does that is in any way compatible with my beliefs, perspectives, or ideology. The man is totally unhinged.

And what is he doing these days? He’s running around the country appearing at arenas and other settings to allegedly support GOP candidates for Congress. But he rarely talks about the candidates he’s supposedly there to endorse and support.

His goal is totally self-serving. His objective is to play on the emotions and gullibility of his ardent supporters by repeating his greatest hits:

  • Build the Wall
  • Zero Tolerance
  • No collusion/No Obstruction
  • Witch Hunt
  • Fake News
  • The Press is the Enemy of the People
  • Make America Great Again
  • Tired of Winning
  • Low IQ Maxine Waters (or Don Lemon or LeBron James)
  • MS-13
  • I Have the Best Words
  • I’m a Stable Genius
  • Im Really Rich
  • Space Force
  • Nobody is Tougher on Russia Than Donald Trump
  • Winning the Electoral College is Very Tough for a Republican
  • Crooked Hillary/Lock Her Up
  • Very Fine People on Both Sides

The sad and disturbing thing is that too many people are buying — hook, line, and sinker — what this con artist is selling.

Written for these prompts