IRS Hacked?

Just a few hours before today’s 2018 tax filing deadline, the e-filing system went offline.

Interestingly, the message below is what shows up when you go to the IRS website to try to file and make payments.

img_1233-3.jpgNotice that it’s identified as a “planned outage” that runs through December 31, 9999. Obviously that’s a typo. If you read the body of the message, it says the planned outage will run through September 22, 2016. Which is much better. That means that the outage is scheduled to end approximately 19 month’s before it started. Problem solved, right?

The IRS did not have an immediate explanation for the failure. However, IRS Acting Commissioner David Kautter testified during a House Oversight Hearing today that a number of systems are down at the moment and that they are working to resolve the issue.

I blame Russian hackers. I just wish they would have given me some advanced notice. I filed my taxes on Friday and my electronic payments have already been processed.

Thanks a lot, Vladimir.