MLMM Saturday Mix — No Nonsense

I know that I’ve written a lot of posts in the past two months about falling off a ladder, busting a hip, fracturing my right arm at the shoulder, undergoing hip replacement surgery, and having to spend the next three or four months of 2023 going through rehabilitative physical therapy.

I’m not doing this in order to get your pitication. The last thing I want is to be pitied. I’m posting about this for two reasons. First, it’s obviously top of mind for me. I’ve been dealing with it every day for the past two months and will continue to have to deal with it for the next three to four months. It affects my life in numerous ways, particularly when it comes to my activities of daily living.

Second. I’m going on this journey of recuperation and recovery and some of you have thanked me for sharing this journey and have encouraged me to continue do so.

But this is not what my blog is all about, so I am trying to mix it up with flash fiction and responses to prompts like this one, the Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday Mix, which today gives us a nonsense word, in this case, “pitication,” and asks us to come up with our own definition and use it creatively and in context, in our response. Pitication: the act of feeling pity. Done and done.