SoCS — Did You Notice?

Did you notice that I didn’t win Linda’s annual Stream of Consciousness Saturday badge contest? I know. Hard to believe, right. It turns out that my design came in fourth (out of ten).

But that’s okay because the winning badge, designed by Pamela, at A Chronicle of Hope, won. And her design was built around an actual water-based stream, whereas mine was based upon a stream of wispy clouds. So Pamela’s badge design was much more apropos for the prompt. Here it is. It’s really well done.8D53F4D3-B456-461F-BFAD-41536450817BSo congratulations, Pamela, on your big win.

On an entirely different topic, did you notice that ever since WordPress dropped its daily one-word prompt at the end of May, a bunch of bloggers, me included, started posting daily, one-word prompts? So now, instead of writing one post in response to each day’s WordPress one-word prompt, there are six or more one-word prompts to respond to.

But I just don’t have the bandwidth to compose and publish a separate post for each such one-word prompt. So I’ve taken to combining a bunch of them into a single post each day. I’ve been trying to weave somewhere between four and six daily word prompts into relatively short posts over the past couple of weeks.

I was even able to squeeze six prompts into a one-sentence post this past Wednesday. And just yesterday I fit eight prompts into a single post, although only six were one-word prompts and two were writing prompts.

I’m not sure how sustainable this multi-prompt approach is. So far I think my multi-prompt posts have hung together fairly well, but I’m concerned that they may start sounding forced or contrived and I sometimes wonder if the quality of my posts, by trying to cram multiple one-word prompts into single posts, will start to suffer.

Oh well, I’m just sort of thinking out loud, which means that you may notice that I have done my job in responding to Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, where we are asked to use the word “notice.”

A Poem


There once was a blogger named “Momus”

Who wrote his posts so that few would notice

Until he met Sight

And Sandi one night

But his attempt at poetry was still bogus

This totally inexcusable attempt at poetry was inspired by Sight and Sandi, who have taken up residence in, and have completely dominated, the comments section of several of my recent posts, and who also demanded that a poetry-hater like me take a shot at writing poetry. And so I did and here it is. See?

As a point of clarification, I’m Fandango, not Momus. However, it’s much harder to rhyme anything with Fandango than it is to rhyme with Momus. And Sight suggested in one of his many comments on one of my posts that I should change my name to Momus, who, for what it’s worth, was the personification of satire and mockery in Greek mythology. Ask him why, because it beats the shit out of me!