It’s Time to Act

59E6F971-6347-4205-AFEA-B25B6AD5EB11I don’t understand what Nancy Pelosi is waiting for. Her dilatory tactics with respect to impeachment baffle me. Why is she being critical of other Democrats instead of taking action to stymie Donald Trump?

I watch the news nightly and it’s obvious that Donald Trump is behaving like a Mafia kingpin. He’s functioning more like a dictator than a president, ignoring traditions, committing illegal acts, and obstructing justice in order to continue to do whatever he wants to do.

Donald Trump has turned our county into a disrespected laughingstock around the globe. He has caused a huge strain in our relationships with our allies while embracing America’s adversaries. He’s doing the bidding of the rich and entitled while he tries to take away healthcare from those who need it, attacks America’s free press, promotes racism and white supremacy, and uses fear and insecurity to scare the gullible electorate into supporting his bid to remain above the law.

His administration is committing atrocities at our southern border. His policies are jeopardizing our environment. He’s treating climate change as if it isn’t an issue. He’s moving to take away women’s reproductive rights while erasing the lines between church and state.

Is this man a reflection of what America once was and ought to be? Is this what people really think it means to “make America great again”?

Come on, Nancy. It’s time to act. It’s time to save our nation. If, that is, it’s not already too late.

Written for these daily prompts: Your Daily Word Prompt (dilatory), Word of the Day Challenge (nightly), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (kingpin), Ragtag Daily Prompt (strain), and The Daily Spur (reflection).

JusJoJan — A Few of My Favorite Things

3da20072-b747-43b1-8485-c1aa0a2b4761Oh my goodness. Today is the very last day of January, which means that today is also the very last Just Jot It January post of 2019.

For this final JusJoJan post, Linda has challenged us to post about our favorite thing/part/blog post of last year or last month. Talk about what we did or discovered that gave us happiness and/or success.

Alrighty then. There are a bunch of things from last year that gave me happiness. The Golden State Warriors won the NBA championship in June and the Boston Red Sox won the World Series in October. The Democrats soundly won back the House of Representatives in November’s midterm elections. My daily FOWC With Fandango prompt, as well as my weekly Fandango’s Provocative Question prompt, have been well-received.

As to this month, the New England Patriots won the AFC championship and will be heading to the Super Bowl for the third consecutive year on Sunday. Go Pats!

But what gave me the most happiness this month was seeing how the newly installed Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, totally spanked Donald Trump over his whole border wall vanity project. That was a true marvel. Nancy was masterful and Trump was totally humiliated. That must have stung Trump even more than when Stormy Daniels spanked him on his big, fat ass with that Forbes magazine with him on the cover.

It just doesn’t get any better than that, does it?