The Show Must Go On

“Do you have a qualm about your role in the play?” the director asked James.

James was slow to respond to the director’s question, and the others in the cast thought they could actually see the wheels turning inside of James’ head. “May I have some water?” James asked. “Suddenly I’m very thirsty.”

“Sure,” the director said, motioning to another cast member to fetch a bottle of water and hand it to James. “So, are you okay with this role, James?”

“Well, yes,” James said, “but I don’t understand why I have to be….”

“James,” the director said, “your role is that of a sea creature that has just emerged from the ocean and is experiencing human sentience for the first time in its life.”

“Yes, I understand that,” James said, “but is it really necessary for me to perform this scene….”

“Yes, James,” The director said. “You are a primitive creature stepping out from the depths of the sea as you evolve into human form, so for the sake of authenticity, you must be naked, totally naked, in this scene.”

“Yes, I get it,” James said. “But….”
EFBFF48D-5985-4819-8167-FD232656745D“James, I am confident that once you’ve rehearsed this scene enough times, and when we’re ready for opening night,” the director said, “you won’t have to be concerned about the erection you are now, um, displaying.”

“I understand,” James said. “No matter how hard, the show must go on.”

Written for these daily prompts: Word of the Day Challenge (qualm), Ragtag Daily Prompt (slow), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (cast), The Daily Spur (thirsty), Daily Addictions (sea), and Your Daily Word Prompt (sentience).

#100WW — Our Time Will Come

E40384EE-3E85-47D1-85C0-72B8F0F02EDE“I don’t understand,” she thought as she sat in a chair, “how it’s possible. It’s just not fair. We mannequins are surrounded by clothing. It’s all around us. And yet here we are, as naked as the day we were manufactured.”

“I know,” thought the headless silver mannequin standing next to her. “This is mortifying. There are racks of clothing items, and here we are, exposed to the world.”

The other headless mannequin thought, “The humans think we have no feelings, no pride, no shame.”

“Don’t worry,” the seated mannequin thought. “Our time will come soon enough. Then they’ll pay.”

(100 word)

Written for this week’s 100 Word Wednesday prompt from Bikurgurl.

Shake a Tail Feather

Tickle with a featherKent spent much of the afternoon cleaning up his apartment and preparing dinner. He had finally persuaded the girl he’d been going out with for a month to have dinner with him at his place. He was excited at the prospect of spending the evening…and possibly the night…with her.

When Linda arrived, Kent welcomed her with a hug and a kiss and offered her some cheese, fruit, and crackers on a platter as an appetizer while he finished preparing their dinner of veal parmesan and pasta.

After dinner, Kent and Linda shared his favorite dessert wine and a pecan pie he’d picked up from his favorite bakery. So far the night had gone exactly as he’d hoped, with some pleasant conversation and a lot of laughs. But now it was time for Kent to make his move.

“Would you like to play a game?” he asked Linda, and she readily agreed. Kent went to his desk and pulled out two, long tail feathers, and with a wry smile on his face, asked her if she was ticklish. When she said she was, he admitted that he, too, was quite ticklish.

“So what is the game you want to play?” Linda asked.

“It’s called ‘see who laughs first.’” Kent said.

“And how do you play?” Linda asked.

Kent held up the two feathers. “Choose your weapon,” he said.

Linda picked one of the feathers and, with a bit of a wicked grin, said, “Now I suppose you’re going to tell me that the game is best played if we’re naked.”

“You are a very insightful young woman,” Kent said.

Written for Teresa’s Three Things Challenge, where the three things are cheese, feather, and game.

100WW — The Morning Haze

img_2808.png“I’ve seen God,” Amanda said as she flung open the tent’s flap. “It’s breathtaking.”

Darren was still half asleep and all he could muster was a grunt.

Amanda grabbed Darren’s hand and yanked him out of their sleeping bag. “Come with me,” she said, pulling him out of the tent.

“Wait!” Darren protested. “I’m naked.”

“We’re all naked in God’s eyes,” Amanda said, leading him toward the gravel road. “Look, Darren. It’s so ethereal. How can you see that and not believe that God exists?

“It’s the sun in the morning haze, Amanda. Get real. I’m going back to sleep.”

(100 Words)

Written for today’s 100 Word Wednesday prompt from Bikurgurl. Photo credit: Heather Sanders.

Recurring Dreams

Recurring dreams are those that we experience repeatedly over a long period. According to Google, most people have recurring dreams. Do you?

I do, although they’re far less frequent now that I’m an old fart than they were when I was younger fart. I’ve experienced three different recurring dreams throughout my life.

Recurring Dream #1 – The Final Exam

final exam schedule

It takes place when I was in college, which I’ve been out of for decades. But even today I occasionally have a dream about being ill-prepared for a final exam. It generally goes like this.

Today is the day of a final exam for one of my courses. I had cut most of the classes for this course and hadn’t done any of the required reading. It had been so long since I last attended class that I couldn’t remember the location of the classroom.

I finally arrive at the room where the class was scheduled to meet, but no one is there. I find out that the exam has moved to a different location, but I don’t know where.

I am in a state of panic because I need a passing grade in this particular course in order to graduate, but not only am I totally unprepared to take the final exam, I don’t even know where it is being given.

I wake up from the dream never having found the exam room or taken the exam, but knowing that the outcome was an epic failure. I am drenched in sweat because of the dream, but as consciousness slowly sets in, I feel an enormous sense of relief that it was just a dream.

Recurring Dream #2 – The Naked Truth


This next recurring dream starts out when I leave my house in the morning heading to the office. I’m stark naked. At first it seems completely natural and I’m not at all self-conscious about having nothing on.

But at some point in the dream, as I interact with others, I become painfully aware that I am naked. It’s an “oh shit, what the hell was I thinking?” moment. I spend the rest of the dream completely mortified, trying to figure out how to cover up my nakedness or to flee the scene entirely with some shred of dignity intact.

As with the dream about the final exam, when I wake up, I am so relieved to find out that I was only dreaming.

Recurring Dream #3 –I’m flying

flying dream

In this recurring dream, I can fly. I start walking, lift my arms toward the sky, and suddenly I’m heading up, floating above the ground, rising above the trees, looking down at the landscape below. It’s exhilarating to be free from the tethers that bind me to the earth below.

I have no idea how I gained this incredible ability to fly, and while I’m up there savoring the experience, I am occasionally troubled by what might happen if this amazing gift of flight were to leave as suddenly and mysteriously as it appeared. But it never does, and, when I wake up, I am saddened that it was but a dream.

Okay. I’ve shared with you my three types of recurring dreams. Now it’s your turn.

Tell Dr. Fandango all about your recurring dreams.