I’m a Man of Mystery

E00B85AC-8286-4C62-8BDC-B82F112286F3.jpegI mean I must be. Why else would Carol Anne of Therapy Bits have nominated my blog for the Mystery Blogger Award? According to Carol Anne, the Mystery Blogger Award is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blogs not only captivate; they inspire and motivate. Woo hoo.

Never mind that I have declared my blog to be an award-free blog. With that kind of flattery, what can I do but accept Carol Anne’s nomination? Thank you, Carol Anne.

That said, I’m going to follow only two of the many ground rules for this nomination. I’m going to tell you three things about me and I’m going to answer Carol Anne’s questions. What I’m not going to do is nominate 10-20 other bloggers for this award. Instead, I’m going to open it up to any and all other bloggers to tell us three things about themselves and to answer the same five questions Carol Anne asked her nominees.

So, three things about me:

  1. I have more hair on my chinny chin chin than I have on the tippy-top of my head.
  2. I have tinnitus (a constant, high pitched ringing) in both ears.
  3. I am a Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, and Boston Celtics fan even though I live on the other side of the country.

And now to Carol Anne’s questions:

1. Do you like soda? Yes, I typically drink two glasses of Diet Coke on most days (with lunch and with dinner).

2. Are you a procrastinator? Only when it comes to doing things I don’t particularly want to or like to do.

3. Do you have weird dreams? All of my dreams are weird. But usually, within a few minutes of waking up, I can’t remember what it was that I dreamed about. The exceptions are the occasional recurring dreams that I periodically have, which I wrote about here.

4. What is your daily routine like? I wake up, have a cup of coffee while reading the morning newspaper. Then I take a shower, have breakfast, walk the dog, read and write posts, have lunch, walk the dog, read more posts, have dinner, watch some TV, walk the dog, get in bed, read and write posts, go to sleep. It’s all very exciting.

5. Do you like binge watching shows? Some shows. If there are streaming shows, like on Netflix or Hulu, yes. In other cases, such as weekly dramas, I may record an entire season of the show and not watch it until the season is over, and then binge watch it. I’m doing that now with a show on BBC America titled “Killing Eve.” Great show!

Challenge Accepted

53BA6B46-C0AD-4337-99D0-188BD86AA2A9Kristian, over at Tales From the Mind of Kristian, was nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award. Good for him, am I right?

Kristian did not nominate me for that award, but in his response to having, himself, been nominated, he wrote, “If you are reading this and haven’t had an award in a while, please consider yourself nominated.”

It turns out that I was, indeed, reading his post, but since mine is an award-free blog, I don’t really keep track of when I get nominated for awards. And since I wasn’t specifically tagged, I figured I’d just move on.

But then I wrote a comment on Kristian’s post. I wrote “Congratulations on yet another well-deserved award.” And he responded, “Thanks, Fandango. Why not have a go at answering the questions? 🙂”

Okay. Who can resist such a challenge? Challenge accepted, Kristian.

So here goes.

1. If you discovered the secret of eternal youth, would you share it with anyone else? If so, who?

I am already too old to have such a discovery do me any good. So if I did have knowledge of the secret to eternal youth, I’d sell it on eBay to the highest bidder and be financially set for the rest of my life.

2. If you could invent any device to help you, what would it be?

A device that would provide its owner with eternal youth and then I’d sell it on eBay to the highest bidder and be financially set for the rest of my life. Do you see a recurring theme here?

3. Have you ever looked into your family tree? Did you discover anyone famous or infamous?

Both of my parents were immigrants from Eastern Europe and the available records of their heritage are scarce, so I have no idea if there is anyone famous or infamous in my family tree.

4. What type of stories do you like to read?

As long as they are well-written and entertaining, that’s what matters to me. That said, I enjoy stories that keep me guessing. I am not a fan of predictability.

5. What song or tune always puts a smile on your face?

It’s a Mystery To Me

82E97FDF-1AF8-4D46-B84F-042EF40C0C6CSo Teresa, aka The Haunted Wordsmith, nominated me for the Mystery Blogger Award. There are a bunch of rules one is supposed to follow when one is nominated for this award. Ten rules, in fact. I’m only going to follow three, though:

  • Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link back to their blog. Thank you Teresa.
  • Tell your readers three things about yourself.
  • Answer the five questions from the blogger who nominated you.

So, first, three things about myself:

  1. I have a dog and a cat, both of whom (or both of which?) are rescues.
  2. I have been to every state in the country and have lived in seven of them plus the District of Columbia.
  3. I blog (write, read, comment, like) exclusively on my iPhone.

And here are the five questions Teresa asked:

  1. What are your plans for this fine spring weekend? It’s supposed to rain on Saturday, so maybe we’ll just stay inside and find a show to binge-watch. On Sunday, we are all (my wife, me, our daughter, our son, and their significant others) will be having brunch together, then going to a live stage musical, and then having dinner together.
  2. What kind of museum would you create if you could (what would you put in it)? Oh gosh, I don’t know that I have any ideas for a museum that doesn’t already exist. Oh wait. How about a museum of Donald Trump’s lies? Is there a building large enough to house them. (Oh, a fourth thing about me: I fucking hate Donald Trump.)
  3. What is something best served cold? Ice cream!
  4. What can always bring you out of a slump? Ice cream!
  5. What recently read book do you think everyone should read? I am not going to suggest a book that I think “everyone” should read. People’s reading tastes are way too varied. What I enjoy reading may not be “everybody’s” cup of tea. So read whatever interests you, entertains you, or challenges you.

Okay, that’s it. I am not going to tag a whole host of other bloggers for this. If anyone else wants to share three things about themselves and answer Teresa’s five questions, please feel free to do so.

It’s No Mystery

85455f45-d480-41d2-a737-5f46a6dae1c7…why Sadje, at Keep It Alive, keeps being nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award. But what is a mystery, to me, anyway, is that she included my blog as one of those she “gifted” with this award. Thank you Sadje.

Sadje asked a series of questions and the least I can do is answer them. Here goes.

If you could choose one super power, what would it be and why?

The ability to see myself as others see me, since my perception of myself is skewed by decades of self-deception.

What stimulates your brain to produce its best, a beverage, a muse or anything else?

Coffee wakes me up, beer drunks me up, pot dumbs me up. Love lifts me up.

If you are alone in the house and a door slams upstairs with sound of running feet, what are you going to do?

I’d wake up my dog and tell her to “go sic ‘em.”34919EC7-722C-466B-A1BB-478D8939A310.jpeg

Seeing your image in the mirror, what is the predominant thought?

Who’s that old fart staring at me?

What sort of movie you have to go and see, even if the ticket is $100? And there will be no Netflix or DVD release!

There is no movie in the world that I would pay $100 to go see.

Is climate change theory real or a conspiracy to save the earth?

Climate change is NOT a conspiracy theory. It’s real and the only way we’re going to save the planet is if we stop denying it and take action to do something about it!

Rory, A Guy Called Bloke, also was gifted with multiple Mystery Blogger Awards and he, too, asked a series of questions. And while my blog was not one he “gifted,” I’m going to answer his questions anyway.

What is something that is really popular now, but in 5 years everyone will look back on and be embarrassed by?

Those stupid selfies that people take where they add animal ears, noses, mouths, and other stupid “accoutrements” to their visages and think it’s cute or something and post those pictures on Snapchat or Instagram. In five years they’ll see those stupid selfies and wonder “What the fuck was I thinking?”9688DDB3-D97B-4901-ABB6-10FBAB2A8553.png

What used to be considered trashy but now is very classy?

Ripped jeans for some reason that I’m unable to fathom.7dd686cb-a1ca-4087-b71a-bd2360bc7ca1

Are you a rule breaker or bender?

I bend it like Beckham.

Which body part do you wish you could detach and why?

I do not wish to detach any body part. Why would I want to do that?

Toilet paper, over or under the holder?

Over is the only civilized way. And for crissake, please don’t squeeze the Charmin!825058d2-95fe-402f-9c10-c00bb8d628d0

Another Mystery

a2190be1-125c-40b7-a810-e300884555d1Laura Venturini, who blogs at Lauravent69, was gracious enough to nominate me for the Mystery Blogger Award. Woo hoo!

I don’t follow all of the rules imposed by these blogging awards, but I do thank the blogger who nominated me, and I do answer the questions posed by that blogger. So thank you Laura. Here are my answers to your questions.

What is your favorite wildlife animal?

King of the jungle — the lion.a73f2af0-143e-4ff7-ad4d-fe00e212d63e

How long have you been blogging?

I started this blog in May 2017, but as I explained here, I started my first blog in October 2005.

Share something funny that you have had happen in life.

I once won the first prize in a karaoke contest. Why is that funny? Because I can’t carry a tune if my life depended upon it. I think I won it because the judges took pity on me. Either that or it was as a gag.

Your favorite blog that might not have received a lot of attention.

Hmm. I’m not sure if this means my favorite post on MY blog that hasn’t gotten a lot of attention, or if it means my favorite blog by another blogger who hasn’t gotten a lot of attention. In the case of my favorite post on my blog that hasn’t gotten much attention, I can’t choose. It would probably have to be something from May or June of 2017 when I first started this blog. None of my posts got much attention back then.

As to a favorite blog by another blogger that hasn’t gotten much attention, I don’t know, since every blog that gets my attention is worthy. I have recently come across a blog by Ursula, An Upturned Soul, that is really fascinating, but her blog probably gets a lot of attention, as she writes very provocative posts. THIS is one example.

Favorite blog by a fellow blogger.

I follow about 170 blogs and I follow them because they are all wonderful blogs written by very creative, ingenious, and interesting bloggers. So I’m sorry, but I can’t say that I have just one favorite blog.