I’m a Mutt Man

A5E0FD6C-B3E8-4882-A6FA-7A59357D38A9We’ve always has dogs in our family for as far back as I can remember. My mother’s favorite breed was the Shih Tsu. At one point we had three generations of Shih Tsus in our house. A mother, a daughter, and a granddaughter. Each with its proper pedigree and American Kennel Club papers.

I hated those little rug rats. They were all high-strung, yappy, needy, little bitches. And at one point or another, all three peed on my sneakers. While I was wearing them!

Once I moved out of my parents’ house, I swore that if I ever got my own dogs, they would be larger breeds and mutts. No high maintenance pedigreed, little yappers for me.

Every dog I’ve had since has been a rescue dog, a mongrel. These animals are simply grateful to have a permanent home where they can be fed, nurtured, well cared for, and, most important, loved. They demand little and appreciate a lot.

So if you’re a dog lover and you’re looking for the perfect pet, you should consider a rescue dog. It won’t have the perfect pedigree and it won’t win any dog show accolades, but it will be the best dog you’ve ever had.

Take it from me and my dog.

Written for today’s one-word prompt, “pedigree.”