FFfPP — It All Went Wrong

“I don’t understand how this could have happened,” Elliot said. “We rehearsed this stunt dozens of times and each time it was perfect.”

Beth looked over at Elliot and then down at her husband, who was unconscious on the hospital bed, bandages covering most of his head and with tubes inserted into his nose and mouth. “I’m not sure what happened, either, Elliot,” she said. “Keith was confident, not at all worried, when the filming of the action scene started shooting. But here he is, with a broken nose, a broken jaw, and a serious concussion.”

“They canned me, you know,” Elliot said to Beth. “One fuck up in my entire career as a stuntman, and they fire my ass. Elliot will eventually recover, but I’ve been put out to pasture.”

“Well,” Beth said patiently, “Keith was the star of the movie. Now he’s going to be laid up for months and will require multiple surgeries. Plus there might be permanent brain damage. This incident is costing the producers a ton of money. I can’t say I blame them for firing you.”

“I think someone sabotaged my bike,” Elliot said. “That’s the only reason the stunt went wrong and why my rear wheel smashed down on Keith’s head. There’s no other explanation.”

“You mean other than human error?” Beth said. “Face it, Elliot, you screwed up. But look at the bright side. You can probably get a job with a carnival troupe doing bike riding tricks.”

Written for Roger Shipp’s Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner. Photo credit: Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash.

Truthful Tuesday — At the Movies

Frank, aka PCGuy, has published another one of his Truthful Tuesday posts. This week Frank wants to know…

Have you been to any movies that you absolutely expected to enjoy, but ended up hating? Or perhaps you went begrudgingly to a film with someone else and ended up enjoying it despite your expectations? Let us know about a time when a movie defied your expectations. What made it better or worse than expected?

It’s been nearly two years since I last went to a theater to watch a movie, so I’m going to substitute “been to” with “watched,” as on TV.

Back in the day, I was a big fan of Frank Herbert’s Dune novels. I read a bunch of them until I finally got to the point that I thought Herbert had squeezed as much out of the idea as possible and so I lost interest.

So when I saw that a new Dune movie was released, I was psyched to watch it.

I read some reviews of the movie and they were all quite positive. I also saw that it was available on HBO Max as well as in theaters, and since we don’t go to movie theaters anymore, but do subscribe to HBO Max, I convinced my wife, who is not a SciFi fan, to watch it with me this past Saturday.

About a third of the way through the movie I noticed that my wife was on her smartphone, probably on Twitter. Obviously she wasn’t thrilled with the movie. Neither was I. It was, at times, slow moving and I found it confusing. The acting was okay, but not enough to overcome my disappointment in the movie overall. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t like it, either.

Now I admit that I read the Dune series of novels when I was in my twenties, so it’s been a long, long time since I read the books. I don’t vividly remember all the details from the first book. So I’m going to reread Herbert’s original Dune novel and then rewatch the movie to see if that makes a difference. But to be honest, my experience has been that most movie adaptations of novels don’t live up to the books. And this movie adaptation of Dune is no exception.

I’d be interested to hear what any of you who watch the movie think.

Fandango’s Friday Flashback — August 14

Wouldn’t you like to expose your newer readers to some of you earlier posts that they might never have seen? Or remind your long term followers of posts that they might not remember? Each Friday I will publish a post I wrote on this exact date in a previous year.

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This was originally published on August 14, 2017 on this blog.

Don’t You Love Me Anymore?

IMG_2501“Sorry, honey, but I’m just not in the mood right now,” James told his wife.

“You never seem to be in the mood anymore,” Carolyn said, her eyes tearing up. “Don’t you love me anymore?”

“Of course I love you,” James reassured her. “But I just don’t feel like it right now.”

“You never seem to feel like it these days.”

“What are you talking about?” James asked. “We’ve done it three time in the past ten days.”

“You’re keeping count?” Carolyn said indignantly.

“No, I’m not keeping count, but I think we’ve been doing it too often lately.”

Carolyn glared at her husband. “Too often? Really? We used to do it much more often when we were first married. You were never not in the mood back then.”

Knowing he couldn’t win this, James relented. “Okay, fine,” he said, “Get your coat and we’ll head to Denny’s for dinner and then go see the movie.”

Carolyn beamed. “See,” she said. “I always know how to get you in the mood.”

Written for Sandi’s Manic Monday challenge to write a post about the 1939 song from the Glenn Miller Orchestra, “In The Mood.”

The Cocktail Party

86F93390-863E-4455-B15F-8F4C5A9FF66A“Kris, why must you always flirt with every man in sight?” Matt angrily said.

“Oh please, Matt,” Kris said. “There’s no need for you to be jealous. This is a cocktail party and I’m just being sociable. You know that we need to aggressively promote our film if we’re going to get anyone to pick it up.”

“I don’t like feeling as if I’m pimping you out just so that we can enrich ourselves,” Matt said. “We’ll eventually persuade one of these fat cats to finance the distribution of our movie without you having shove your tits in their faces.”

“You’re cynicism is on display, dear,” Kris said, sarcastically. “But in the interest of getting the funding wrapped up, I’m going to let your snide remark slide.” Kris handed Matt a drink and said, “Relax, sweetie and watch me work the crowd. Oh look, darling, there’s that rich guy from Warner over there. He looks like a guy who needs to have my tits shoved in his face.”

Word of the Day Challenge (flirt), The Daily Spur (film), Your Daily Word Prompt (enrich), Ragtag Daily Prompt (eventually), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (cynicism), and Daily Addictions (slide).

In Other Words — Pink Flamingos

17194ABB-B12F-4867-9BDB-8E7886DC5B0AShe said, “Let’s go to the movies and see ‘Pink Flamingos’ at the local art house theater.”

“If we want to see a pink flamingo, wouldn’t we be better off going to the zoo?” I asked.

“Oh no, ‘Pink Flamingos’ is a campy movie that was directed by John Waters and starred Divine,” she said. “I’m sure you’ll love it.”

It was awful; the worst movie I ever saw and I hated it.11F3AD74-5F5A-4FBA-9349-B55819D5E5C7

In other wordsWritten for the In Other Words prompt from Patricia’s Place. The challenge this week is to write a story or poem of five lines or fewer using the picture above and/or the word “flamingo.” Top photo credit: Len from Pexels.