Weekend Writing Prompt — Mortal Enemy

ECA08AC4-C7A7-4D61-9064-860D505CE34F “Bring me his head,” the king commanded. “I need proof that my mortal enemy is dead.”

“Sire,” the warrior of the realm said. “I will gladly do your bidding.”

Three weeks later the warrior returned. “My liege,” he said to his king, “I have secured the head of your mortal enemy.”

The king was so pleased he commissioned the royal artist to create a sculpture of the warrior holding the head.

(71 words)

35A8F30E-7877-4555-8C29-8359B14DBE25Written for Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt, where the word is “sculpture” in exactly 71 words. Photo credit: Alison Courtney at Unsplash.