Tip Your Server

“Too esoteric? What do you mean by that?” Rachel asked her roommate.

“I think your presentation doesn’t quite convey the underlying message you were trying to get across,” Janice said.

Rachel gave Janice a quizzical look. “How did I not get my message across? I showed all of the patterns that led to my conclusions. What more could I have done?”

“Yes, you covered the topic well, though you’re not considering your audience,” Janice said. “You’ll be presenting to a room full of millennials and the language you’re using in your presentation is too technical. I think you need to dumb it down a little.”

“But you and I are millennials. Are you suggesting that people our age are too stupid to understand what I’m talking about?”

“Oh Rachel, not at all,” Janice said. “But you’re an economist and your presentation is not likely to be understood by people who are not in the field. I think you need to turn it into something that people who don’t specialize in economics can relate to.”

“So you’re suggesting that I turn my highly researched, well-documented presentation into a virtual stand up comedy routine?” Rachel said. “This is for a classroom lecture, not a comedy club.”

Janice laughed. “Well, just make sure you remind the audience to tip their servers.”

Written for these daily prompts: Your Daily Word Prompt (esoteric), Swimmers (convey), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (quizzical), Ragtag Daily Prompt (patterns), Swimmers (though), The Daily Spur (turn), and Word of the Day Challenge (virtual).

One-Liner Wednesday — Vote

F288B686-B838-4A93-A189-125455455BE6Next Tuesday is Election Day in the United States. Without exaggeration, I can say that this is the most important midterm election in our lifetimes, in that the fate of our American democracy and way of life is at stake.

I never thought I’d see happen what has happened to this country since Donald Trump became president. He has nearly torn the very fabric of America apart. And the only option we have to stop him from tearing it to shreds is to go out and vote on or before next Tuesday. Vote to elect people to Congress who will enable it function, as the Constitution requires, as an appropriate check and balance on Trump, something the Republican-led Congress has refused to do.

So if we care for this country, we must vote. We can’t afford to sit on the sidelines and depend upon others. Voting is our civic responsibility, our duty.

But, hey, I’m just an old man. I may not be alive a decade from now, so while it breaks my heart to witness the events of the past two years, I won’t suffer the brunt of the damage Trump has done and, if left unchecked, will continue to do.

But my children and grandchildren will. So I implore you millennials (and post-millennials who are old enough to vote) — you whose future is on the line — to stand up and be counted. You need to be Supermen and Superwomen. I know it’s a corny cliche, but you need to fight for truth, justice, and the American way.bece7a21-d392-4b3d-8a71-72e966adcc5f.jpeg

Written for Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday prompt.