#MicroMondays — A Life of Their Own

85608B1A-3072-4ED0-B3AA-F8F766A2B744“I was somewhat taken aback by the response to my post,” Edgar said. “Then I started thinking about the butterfly effect.”

“How so?” asked George.

“I read the comments on my post and the comments on the comments. They seemed to take on a life of their own, following different threads, heading in unexpected, unanticipated directions,” Edgar said.

“I see,” George yawned.

Written for this week’s #MicroMondays prompt. The 62 word story must use the above prompt verbatim, including the prompt, “Then I started thinking about the butterfly effect.”

#MicroMondays — Oh The Horror

3C0A0AB0-8A17-4D18-A87B-44E8F38712D6It had been a while since Grant last used his treadmill and he though he was settling to a decent rhythm when he slipped and fell off. Oh the horror!

So this week’s MicroMondays challenge was to write a 30-word post using the words, “settling to a decent rhythm.” An additional requirement this week was to make the 30-word post a horror story.

Yes, you heard right. A 30-word horror story that includes the specified five words from a randomly chosen page of a book. Why 30 words? Well, apparently because the words appear on page 30 of the John le Carré book, Our Kind of Traitor.

As to my response being a horror story, well, from Grant’s perspective, falling off a moving treadmill is a kind of horror story…for him, anyway.

If my post isn’t enough of a horror story for you, well, feel free to stop reading it now.

#MicroMondays — Immunity

E86CE1F4-00DF-44D2-AB16-31E443C79C16“All stayed well for less than twenty-four hours,” recounted Paul, one of the few survivors. “Then the first symptoms started to appear and people were getting sick. By the end of the second day, half the population had been wiped out and the rest were in bad shape. A handful of us seemed to be immune and we managed to survive.”

Written for today’s #MicroMondays prompt. It is taken from the short story “The Bodyguard,” by Lee Child. The challenge is to write a 54 word story, not including the eight-word prompt. The prompt, “All stayed well for less than twenty-four hours,” must be used verbatim.

#MicroMondays — So Simple

07DA63CC-633E-48A3-BC35-947CA788AAF1.jpeg“I’ve been at this for hours and I can’t figure it out,” complained Al.

“Are you following the instructions?” Beth asked.

“Yes, dammit. It sounded simple in theory,” Al said. “That’s it! I’m never buying anything from IKEA again.”

(39 words)

Written for this week’s #MicroMondays prompt, which is from the book Walking the Himalayas by Levison Wood. The prompt is found on page 39 of the book. Hence, the length of the post must be exactly 39 words, including the prompt.

#MicroMondays — A Pounding

07A18D15-3FE6-47F8-8EA6-F2870BB4F0B6“How did your meeting go?” Tom’s wife asked when he walked through their front door that evening.

“It could hardly have been a bloodier beginning,” Tom responded.

“I assume you’re talking figuratively, not literally,” Anne said.

“Duh,” responded Tom sarcastically. “Although I do feel like I took a real pounding.”

“I’m really sorry,” Alice said. “Is there anything you can do to salvage things with the client?”

“Yeah,” said Tom. “I could quit my job.”

This week’s MicroMondays challenge is to craft a 75-word post using a line taken from Malala Yousafzai’s book, I Am Malala. The line is “It could hardly have been a bloodier beginning,” and it must be used verbatim within the post.