The Truth About Tariffs

864F1F25-F8A5-4935-9CB4-43016F41AFA9“It’s simple economics, Max,” Jarred said. “When the president imposes tariffs on Mexico and other countries, those countries pay the price, economically speaking.”

“The president shouldn’t be unilaterally imposing tariffs, Jarred,” Max said. “According to the U.S. Constitution, it’s Congress alone that has the power to impose tariffs.”

“That’s not entirely true,” Jarred said. “In 1977, The International Emergency Economic Powers Act granted the president the right to impose trade restrictions for reasons of national security, specifically for ‘an unusual and extraordinary threat with respect to which a national emergency has been declared.’”

“So are you saying,” Max said, “that what is happening at our southern border qualifies as a ‘national security threat’ in the context of that amorphous law?”

“Yes, it’s a legitimate national emergency,” Jarred said.

“That’s just ludicrous,” Max said. “If it is an emergency, which it’s not, it’s one that Trump created in his own mind and by his own actions. He’s just trying to fulfill an ill-conceived campaign promise to satisfy his base. He’s chasing windmills.”

“No,” Jarred said. “He’s punishing other countries for defying America. He’s saving our country and our workers.”

“You’re such a lemming,” Max said. “All his stupid tariffs are going to accomplish is to raise the prices American have to pay for imported goods. It’s not going to make domestic goods any less expensive and it’s not going to save any American jobs. That’s naïve. With Trump at the helm, Americans are stuck on shit’s creek without a paddle.”

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The Price for Humanity

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DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that protects nearly 800,000 young, undocumented immigrants (aka, “Dreamers”) from deportation, was created in 2012 by the Obama administration after several failed attempts in Congress to pass a law to protect these undocumented immigrants.

The latest reports are that Donald Trump is going to announce tomorrow that he is ending the controversial program. However, he is allegedly going to give Congress six months to craft a bill to replace DACA.

What I’m about to say is rumor, but it comes from some usually reliable sources. Are you ready? Trump wants to tie the continuation of DACA to Congress approving funding for his infamous southern border wall.

Yes, you heard that right. Trump may be using his wonderful, beautiful wall…you know, the one that Mexico was supposed to pay for…as a bargaining chip.

Apparently he is willing to trade the futures of 800,000 dreamers for money to pay for his unnecessary and ill-conceived border wall.

Again, this is an unsubstantiated rumor, but it doesn’t sound that far-fetched to me, based upon Trump’s campaign promises and his nature.

Of course, with today’s headlines about North Korea, DACA and the border wall may be the least of our problems.