Winter Storm Warnings

ForecastThe forecast is looking kind of dim. Meteorologists are calling for heavy, sustained rain on eight of the next ten days. In fact, they’re reporting that “winter’s biggest storm to date” is bearing down on the area. “This is a once-a-winter kind of event,” one overly excited weather reporter said.

These self-serving weather experts are acting like dogs in heat over this rainy, stormy forecast. They’re thrilled by the prospect of a drenching rain storm accompanied by massive snowfalls in the higher elevations just because our area is experiencing severe drought conditions.

But do they, as I must, have to walk their dog four times a day? A dog that hates walking in the rain, no less? No, they don’t. All they care about is averting a stupid drought later this year. The audacity of these people.

Where’s climate change when you need it? This is clearly Obama’s fault. And what about Hillary’s emails?

Yes, things are looking quite dim for my poor dog and me over the next ten days.

Written for today’s one-word prompt, “dim.”