It’s the next to the last day of October and tomorrow is Halloween. I have not participated in any of the numerous Halloween prompts, including Tourmaline’s Halloween Challenge, because, when it comes to Halloween, my overall feeling is “meh.”

However, her Halloween Challenge prompt word today is “spider,” and a few days ago I took this picture of a spider that had the audacity to be crawling up my bathroom wall. I’m not a fan of spiders and I don’t like it when they come into my house and invade my space. But I also don’t like killing them, either.

I managed to coax this spider onto a piece of paper and to carry him, her, or it out to my backyard where I let it walk off the paper on its eight spindly legs and presumably to see, with its eight freaky eyes, another day. But I did warn the spider that, should he/she/it darken my doorstep (or my bathroom wall) by venturing into my humble abode once again, I may not be so forgiving.

And now I can also brag that I did, in fact, respond to at least one Halloween-themed prompt.Too little, too late?

Not Feeling It


I really tried to gin up some enthusiasm. I had planned to get up early, to get out into the sunshine, and to take full advantage of the mighty fine weather. After all, it was forecasted to be an exceptionally beautiful day today.

But then I woke up, rolled over, and glanced at the digital clock on my bedside table. I did a double take when I saw that it wasn’t yet seven o’clock.

I knew I had planned to get up early, but all the enthusiasm drained out of me. I said “meh,” rolled over, and went back to sleep.

I’m just not feeling it today. Maybe tomorrow.

Written for Cyranny’s Word of the Day prompt, which today is “meh,”