SoCS — MAGA Mania

9EC04BB3-DC3C-4C15-BD8D-E85809524C43Man oh man. Linda G. Hill has given us an interesting Stream of Consciousness Saturday challenge today. She’s asked us to use “ma” as a word or find a word with “ma” in it.

I was going to try to manage this challenge without making mention of the MAGA man himself, Donald Trump, but he’s like a maniacal magnet and I can’t resist his pull. He makes me so mad when I see, hear, or read about him. I honestly believe he is abnormal. You know how he always brags about how smart he his, right? Well, I think he’s an egomaniac who has been so easily manipulated by Vladimir Putin. Trump has managed to seriously damage the stature of our country around the globe.

Okay, before you start to grimace and demand that I stop this dismal declamation, I will cease and desist. I won’t talk about his climate change denial or about his inhumane treatment of migrants at the border. I won’t be discussing this madness being perpetrated by our Commander-in-Chief and how his actions smack of treason.

Maybe I’ll go fix myself a margarita or eat some marijuana-infused gummies in order to maintain my sanity before I become a madman myself.

Enough. I’m finished ranting about Trump. For now, anyway.