To Protect and Preseve

A85C1DDA-EFC3-46BB-A586-3AA3D9C92D42Gregg heard the sound of the helicopter flying overhead. He looked up and saw hundreds of pieces of paper floating down from the whirlybird. He reached out and picked one of the fluttering leaflets out of the air before it came to rest on the ground.

After reading it, he dropped the leaflet and stood there almost petrified. Whatever hope anyone had for a peaceful transfer of power was surely lost with this news. Carrying an armful of leaflets, Gregg ran back to the small rural community. He needed to make sure the townsfolk knew what was about to happen. He was sure that everyone in town shared the sentiment expressed in the leaflets.

After all, this was coal country and they had voted overwhelmingly for the president, who had promised to restore their jobs and to bring back prosperity to their ghost towns.

But his promises went unfulfilled and his once-faithful supporters felt betrayed. The coal mines never reopened and the towns around them and the men who worked them continued to suffer. They had long ago burned their MAGA hats and dropped their naïve support for the lying bastard who gave them hope but only delivered more misery.

The leaflets from the resistance movement warned the townsfolk that, despite losing the 2020 election “bigly,” the president still refused to recognize the results, calling the election rigged and claiming that the results were illegitimate because of the votes of illegal immigrants who had flooded through the porous southern border due to Democrats not funding his wall.

Instead, he called upon his MAGA-faithful in the red states to take up arms against the “liberal elitists” and to fight to the death to preserve his power.

The leaflets warned the townsfolk that the MAGA militia was heading their way and to be prepared to fight them in the battle to protect our constitution and to preserve our democracy.

This little glimpse into America’s future uses the following daily prompts: Ragtag Daily Prompt (leaflet), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (petrified), Word of the Day Challenge (hope), and Your Daily Word Prompt (sentiment).

SoCS — MAGA Mania

9EC04BB3-DC3C-4C15-BD8D-E85809524C43Man oh man. Linda G. Hill has given us an interesting Stream of Consciousness Saturday challenge today. She’s asked us to use “ma” as a word or find a word with “ma” in it.

I was going to try to manage this challenge without making mention of the MAGA man himself, Donald Trump, but he’s like a maniacal magnet and I can’t resist his pull. He makes me so mad when I see, hear, or read about him. I honestly believe he is abnormal. You know how he always brags about how smart he his, right? Well, I think he’s an egomaniac who has been so easily manipulated by Vladimir Putin. Trump has managed to seriously damage the stature of our country around the globe.

Okay, before you start to grimace and demand that I stop this dismal declamation, I will cease and desist. I won’t talk about his climate change denial or about his inhumane treatment of migrants at the border. I won’t be discussing this madness being perpetrated by our Commander-in-Chief and how his actions smack of treason.

Maybe I’ll go fix myself a margarita or eat some marijuana-infused gummies in order to maintain my sanity before I become a madman myself.

Enough. I’m finished ranting about Trump. For now, anyway.

Sex is a Dirty Word

546881D0-E338-4979-AE1D-C5F776C3B257You may have already heard that there is a proposal being floated at the U.S. State Department that could prohibit American diplomats from using the phrases “sexual and reproductive health” and “comprehensive sexuality education.”

Instead of “sexual and reproductive health” and “comprehensive sexuality education,” the proposal is that U.S. officials would be instructed to use phrases like “reproduction and the related health services” in official communications.

This proposal is being pushed by a handful of conservative political appointees at the State Department and other agencies. Abandoning the use of the word “sex” would be a symbolic move that aligns with other Trump administration efforts to reduce funding for, and focus on, women’s reproductive issues — especially anything related to abortion.

The problem appears to be that saying “sex” makes Trump’s far-right Republican supporters feel all sad and uncomfortable inside.

I guess that for the 2020 election, Trump is going to change his #MAGA hashtag to #MAPA, for Make America Puritan Again.


3TC — Patriotic Outfit

8C682391-0999-44EC-BB16-0CDC30D19A5B“Oh, honey, that’s such an honor,” Martin’s mother said when he told her that he’d been picked to hold the flag at his third grade class assembly.

Anna’s excitement abated, though, when Martin told her that he wanted to wear his favorite long johns to the assembly. She didn’t say anything to Martin at the time, but when her husband, Mitch, came home from work, she told him about Martin’s request.

Mitch cracked up when Anna told him what Martin wanted to wear to the assembly. “I think we should let him,” he said, much to his wife’s horror.

“Are you serious?” Anna said. “There’s no way I’m going to let him wear those long johns outside, much less at a school assembly. And if you don’t back me on this, Mitch, we’re going to wind up having a major flap over it.”

“What is there to argue about, Anna?” Mitch asked. “I mean is there anything that would be more patriotic than the boy wearing his red MAGA long johns while holding up the Stars and Stripes?”

Written for Teresa’s Three Things Challenge where the three things are flap, long johns, and stripes.

Meet Him at the Café

DED35613-5BB7-47FB-90A3-3B5CA93B7D95“Your brother called,” my wife told me. “He asked me to tell you that he wants you to meet him at the café for breakfast tomorrow morning.”

“Oh jeez, did he say what he wanted?” I asked her, knowing full well that he didn’t.

“No, he didn’t, but he did say it’s important,” she said.

“With him, he says everything is important. He’s probably gonna try to hit me up for money again,” I said.

“Don’t you dare,” she said.

“Don’t worry, I won’t,” I said. “And I’ll tell you what,” I added, “if he’s wearing that goddam MAGA hat of his, I’m turning around and walking away.”

Written for Teresa’s Three Things Challenge, where the three things are brother, cafe, and  hat.