Time, Place, and Opportunity

F14A3462-5B18-4006-92D0-CF4FE3A352DCOf course I feel guity for having cheated on you with another woman.

I never planned it, never intended for it to happen.

It was merely a matter of time, place, and opportunity.

It wasn’t love.

It was lust.

I love only you.

And it will never happen again.

(Until it happens again.)

Written for today’s one-word prompt, “guilty.”

Rhymes with…


“Here,” she said as she pushed a can of Pledge and a cloth toward him. Pointing to the shelves on which they kept their nick nacks, she ordered, “Go dust.”

He looked at her with disgust.

“And when you’re done with that,” she continued, “grab the wire brush and from the patio table and chairs remove all the rust.”

This whole day, he thought, will be a bust.

“And the dryer is out of balance. Its feet you need to adjust.”

With a sense of resignation, he sighed, “Fine. But as a reward, can you please whip up your famous pecan pie with a graham cracker crust?”

“I would,” she said, “but you know your need to lose weight is something we’ve already discussed.”

“This is so unjust,” he fussed.

She looked at him with distrust. “But these chores are a must,” she said.

And so into his chores himself he thrust, yearning the whole time for his days as a bachelor with lust.

Today’s one-Word prompt is “Lust.”