Return on Investment

B74D0A3D-933E-4CB4-9650-207B08D161CDAs David and Diane were checking into the fancy hotel, the bellhop approached them. “Sir,” he said to David, “I’ll take your baggage up to room 1614 for you.”

Diane looked up at David. “How did you afford such a ritzy hotel?” she asked. “It must cost a small fortune.”

“My greatest strength is finding great deals,” David said.

Diana snuggled up to David and said, “Well, I wouldn’t say that’s your greatest strength, babe. I hope you’ll demonstrate that for me later tonight.” She gave him a big hug and kiss and asked, “But seriously, how did you manage to get us into this place?”

“Okay, I guess I can tell you my secret,” David said. “I invested in one of those two-hour lunch things a few weeks ago. You have to sit through a lengthy sales pitch to buy into a time sharing vacation resort property.”

“Seriously?” a surprised Diana said. “Did you fall for that crap and buy into a time share?”

“Of course not,” David said. “But that two-hour investment of my time got me a free lunch and this bundle that includes two nights at this fancy hotel plus two breakfasts and two dinners at the hotel’s restaurant.”

“Sounds like you got a good return on your two-hour investment,” Diana said.

“Indeed,” David said. “Now take my arm and let’s head up to room 1614, where our baggage awaits us.”

Written for these daily prompts: Ragtag Daily Prompt (baggage), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (ritzy), Word of the Day Challenge (strength), and Your Daily Word Prompt (bundle).

Fresh Catch of the Day

3957AA0F-4440-434C-9904-4F6C03A16CADMy wife and I were at an outdoor café having lunch when she saw a little mouse scurrying across the sidewalk just in front of our table. And then we witnessed a crow swoop down and catch the little mouse in its beak. The crow, still right in front of us, proceeded to peck at the poor little critter until it no longer struggled. And the crow continued pecking at the mouse’s carcass, removing bits and pieces of the mouse’s innards. The happy crow was clearly enjoying a nice hot meal and I was fascinated by what we were witnessing.

Sadly, Mrs. Fandango was not all that thrilled. First, she was freaked out when she saw the mouse, especially since it came from the direction of the café at which we were dining. And then, when the big black crow swooped down and caught the little, brown, defenseless mouse, she curiously felt sorry for the little rodent.

The scene also caused my wife to lose her appetite halfway through the meal. So, despite my seeing the whole thing as great entertainment, I paid the bill and we left.

At least when we got home, our cat hadn’t caught, killed, and brought a rat from the backyard into our house, as he has occasionally done.

Times Are Tough

BF030125-CF55-4723-BFF8-9CDCAF51C5CA“Look at that guy over there,” Sarah said, pointing to a man braced up against the lamppost.

“You mean that bum?” Jeff said. “He’s just some lazy, drunk guy.”

“Maybe we should give him some money, honey,” Sarah said. “He may be hungry.”

“No way, Sarah,” Jeff objected. “I’d anticipate he’d spend any money we gave him on booze.”

“You don’t know that, Jeff,” Sarah said. “Times are tough and he may have had a stretch of bad luck. Remember when you got laid off a few years back?”

“Let me be abundantly clear, Sarah,” Jeff said. “When I got laid off I didn’t spend my days drinking cheap wine and leaning up against a lamppost. And within six months I had a better job than the one I got laid off from.”

“That’s true, honey,” Sarah admitted. “But you did vacillate between depression and optimism during that time period. And you did accept that $20,000 loan from my father to tide us over.”

“Fine,” Jeff said. “You are such a bleeding heart.” He reached into his wallet and handed his wife a hundred dollar bill. “Here,” he said. “Go ahead and make his day.”

“A hundred dollars? Are you nuts?” Sarah said. I was thinking more like five dollars for a sandwich.”

Written for these daily prompt words: Ragtag Daily Prompt (brace), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (lamppost), Scotts Daily Prompt (lazy), Daily Addictions (anticipate), Your Daily Word Prompt (abundant), and Word of the Day Challenge (vacillate). Lamppost drawing by David Claypoole Johnston.

3TC — Lunch at the Canteen

6F378490-480E-46D9-B744-7101F8E01A7D“I’m hungry, Sarge. I’m heading over to the base canteen to grab some lunch,” Private Bailey said to Sarge. “Wanna join me?”

“Sure, Beetle. Let’s do it,” Sarge said. “My stomach is starting to grumble.”


“Hey Beetle, I couldn’t help overhearing you and Sarge talking,” Private “Killer” Diller said. “Would it be okay if I joined you and Sarge if you’re going to the canteen? The mushroom soup they serve there is really special.”

“You betcha, Killer,” Beetle said, “Personally I’m not crazy about mushroom soup so I’ll pass on that. But the hot dogs at the canteen are world class. Let’s go.”

And so the three soldiers happily headed to the canteen.


Written for Teresa’s Three Things Challenge where the three things are canteen, lunch, and soup.

“Finish the Story Challenge” Part 3

So this “blog hop” challenge, started by Teresa over at The Haunted Wordsmith, involves taking a brief story she started and then passing it along to others to run with it. She titled her story “Come Join Me For Lunch.” Teresa tagged Cheryl, aka “The Bag Lady,” to run with it. And Cheryl picked me for the next “chapter.” You can click here to see how Teresa started it and where Cheryl took it. Anyway, here’s my part 3:

3D8D39E8-7391-492D-B0E5-04C16712B7C3As soon as she opened the door and walked through the Golden Arches, Louise was hit by the pungent aroma of grilled chopped beef and deep-fried potatoes. How long had it been she’d last stepped foot in a McDonalds? She honestly couldn’t remember.

Louise got into line and was trying to decide if she should be good and order a salad or indulge on a burger. When it was her turn to order, she asked for a quarter-pounder with cheese with everything on it. Plus, a large order of fries. Hell, the way her day had been going so far, she deserved to treat herself to something different, right?

So that’s it. Now I suppose I’ve got to choose someone else, huh? I’ve got it. I’m going to tag master storyteller James Pyles over at Powered By Robots. No doubt he’ll take this tale in an interesting direction.

Over to you, James.