Three For The Price of One

D84B2E9C-0A94-4E73-883B-8617FD4F8A5F“My Darling Greta, I have been longing for this moment,” Fernando said, standing behind Greta and gripping her tightly by her arms.

“Oh Fernando,” Greta said, her head turned so she could look deeply into his eyes. “I know how much you’ve been looking forward to this night, my sweet man. I, too, have been eagerly awaiting this. More than words can express.”

“You make my heart sing, my darling,” Fernando said. “When the spotlight shines on us tonight, together you and I will show the doubters that they were wrong about us. That we can overcome adversity and prove that we have what it takes.”

“Anything, my love,” Greta said, a small tear escaping from her eye and running down her porcelain cheek.

“When the music starts, my darling, we will dance the Flamenco together as it has never been danced before,” Fernando said.

Greta pulled away from Fernando. “Thank you, but I don’t think I can do that,” she said. “I am too overcome with emotions to remember the steps. I’m sorry, my love.”

“But Greta, my darling,” Fernando said. “I know you can do it. All you need to do is follow the birds.”

“The birds?” Greta said. “Oh my darling Fernando, I think the LSD you took earlier is starting to kick in.”

This silliness is for three of Teresa’s (aka, The Haunted Wordsmith) Prompts:

  1.  The Genre Challenge using the photo above from skeeze on Pixabay as the inspiration to write in the genre of melodrama.47EBAE84-147D-4BC8-8734-BBB9A2E1A498
  2. Story Starter Challenge #1 using the phrase “follow the birds”
  3. Story Starter Challenge #2 using the phrase “Thank you, but I don’t think I can do that.

Tell the Story Challenge

e4348f4e-87aa-4ba4-b155-d1f8fc462925Teresa, The Haunted Wordsmith, tagged me for this Tell the Story Challenge, where, when tagged, we are supposed to 1) write something in response to the photo you are given (above), 2) pick a picture of your own (at the end of the post), and 3) tag three other bloggers to do the same. Here’s my take on the image Teresa gave me (and two other bloggers):

“I’m not feeling anything yet,” Larry said. “How long does this shit take to kick in?”

“Give it a chance to get into your system, dude,” Craig said. “Haven’t you ever dropped acid before?”

“First time,” Larry admitted.

“Okay,” Craig said. “I’m gonna fire up some Hendrix on the stereo. I’ll light the lava lamp, too.”

“Maybe you should turn on the TV,” Larry suggested.

“In a few minutes you won’t need at TV,” Craig said. “Just relax and focus on the wallpaper, dude.”

Larry was nervous about having taken LSD for the first time, but he trusted his friend and decided to go with the flow. He stretched his long, lanky body out on the beanbag chair and stared at the floral pattern in the wallpaper.

A few minutes passed before Larry noticed that the wallpaper seemed to be shimmering and the small floral pattern was in motion. “What’s happening to your wallpaper, Craig?” Larry asked. “It’s changing colors, the pattern is shifting, it’s, like, breathing.”

“Don’t go freakin’ out on me, dude,” Craig said. “The acid’s kicking in, so just relax and enjoy the show.”

“Oh man, something’s happening here.” Larry said. His whole body felt like it was vibrating. “It’s me up there, man. I’m sitting on a sliver of the moon, which has a face in profile and it’s smiling at me. We’re high up in these fluffy clouds. Some are white and some are like blueish grayish. And I’m surrounded by hot air balloons and there’s a flock of blackbirds flying around in the distance. This is far fucking out, man. Are you seeing this too?”

“No, dude. That’s your trip,” Larry said. “I’m watching a different channel.”

Okay. My three tags go to:

Susan at The Abstract Muse

JP The Wild-Eyed Wanderer

The Write Brain Widow

Let’s what kind of story they can tell about this image:023fc58f-9fb1-4dc1-9741-77751faad2e5Photo credit: Rawkkim @ Unsplash.

MMLM Photo Challenge — Bad Trip

img_1610“It was awful,” Erica said. “I was up to my chest in a sea of stones, unable to move.  A thorny, wire mask covered my head and it was tearing at the skin on my face. Blood was dripping down my neck onto my shoulders. It was horrible. I tried to scream, but I couldn’t.”

“Oh my God,” Joanna said.

“I looked up towards heaven and started to pray. ‘God,’ I said, ‘what have I done to you for you to do this to me?’ And then the clouds parted, the dark skies lightened, and God sent me a sign.”

“What sign?” Joanna asked.

“It was a large, beautiful moth,” Erica answered. “It landed atop of one of the wire protrusions at the top of the mask. It was flapping its wings in slow motion.”

“What did it mean?” Joanna asked.

“It meant,” Erica said, “that I was having a freakin’ bad trip on that LSD I got from Steve.”

Written for today’s Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge prompt. Image credit: Enzzo Barrena.