Share Your World — 8/9/22

It’s time for another edition of Melanie’s Share Your World prompt. Today’s questions are:

Restrictions are being lifted all over the world. Do you feel it’s safe to go out and mingle in crowds in light of the Pandemic?

With the surge in new COVID-19 cases due to the delta variant and other mutations, along with the refusal of certain segments of our population to get vaccinated, to wear face masks, and to maintain social distancing, my answer is a resounding NO.

What are some things that are okay to do occasionally, but definitely not okay to do every day?

Consume a cannabis-infused edible. Certainly not every day but maybe once a month. My favorites are Mellows.

Would you relocate for love (romantic or otherwise)?

No, not for love alone. But I did relocate for a job and my wife relocated with me. I assume she did that for love.

Do you believe in any conspiracy theories (no judgment)?

The only conspiracy theory I believe is that all those who promote conspiracy theories are actually aliens from another world whose job it is to spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) into our civilization.

FFfPP — Exposed

She took one look at me and she knew I was lying, and she knew I knew she knew it.

She gazed upon me with her ancient eyes; eyes that bore a hole right through my forehead and into my brain. And that toothless smile, with her sardonic grin, let me know that I wasn’t getting away with anything.

She didn’t have to utter a word. She saw through my denial. Her scrutiny of me was intense and I was guilty. I had to confess to this woman who was wise to me.

Shaking and on the verge of tears, I said, “I’m sorry, Grandma. I should have told you the truth. I should never have lied to you. I’m so sorry.”

She reached out with her gnarly fingers and placed them on my cheeks. “I know, child,” she said, “but you must learn to always be truthful.”

“Yes, Grandma,” I said. “I’m sorry to have disappointed you.”

She looked at me and this time her eyes were kind and her smile was warm. “I know, and I forgive you, because you are my grandchild and I know you will learn from your mistakes. And because I love you.”

“And I love you, too, Grandma,” I said.

Written for Roger Shipp’s Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner. Photo credit:

Share Your World — Love or Money

Melanie is back with another edition of Share Your World. Here are this week’s questions.

Which would you rather throw away: Love or Money?

Okay, I know I should say money, but the truth is, in today’s world, you can survive without love, but not without money. So as cold and heartless as it may sound, I’d have to go with love.

Do you believe you should do one thing a day that scares you?

No. Why would I want to?

What’s the last thing you do at night?

Read all of the posts from bloggers I follow that I wasn’t able to get to during the day.

If you could own a mythical creature (unicorn, phoenix, etc.), which one would you pick?

I’m a pragmatic guy and I don’t believe in mythical creatures because, by definition, mythical creatures are myths and myths are widely held but false beliefs or ideas. So I don’t think I can own something that doesn’t exist in the real world. Sorry Melanie.