The Chair Will Entertain a Motion

D167652F-2B30-46D6-9983-9D93DEF0DAB3“English is a strange language,” Jii said.

“It can be,” said Kenny, the ESL instructor at the community college. “But why do you say that, Jii?”

Jii, a recent immigrant from South Korea, was a little embarrassed. “My wife and I went to a city council meeting two nights ago,” he explained. “You said it would be a good way for us to learn the language. But I found it very confusing.”

“How so?” asked Kenny.

“When the meeting was about to end, the man at the head of the table picked up a hammer and said, ‘The chair will entertain a motion to adjourn.’ But a chair is made from wood. How is a chair able to entertain? And how is a chair in motion? I didn’t understand this.”

Kenny looked sympathetically at Jii. “Yes,” he said, “English is a strange language.”

Written for today’s one-word prompt, “entertain.”