Photo Challenge — Strange Brew

115A82B3-621A-4569-9A24-B4DB9DDB936C“Jesus, Diane, what the hell are you doing?” Elizabeth screamed when she and her boyfriend, Bill, walked into the apartment she and Diane shared. Diane was sitting at the dining room table. She was naked. Her head and the table, were covered with pea pods, along with a glass kettle of tea and a tea cup.

“Did you ever notice how fascinating pea pods are?” Diane said, without turning to look at Elizabeth. “They’re amazing, and when you open them up, all these little peas, like ball bearings, pop out and roll around on the table and drop to the floor.”

“Diane, why are you naked?” Elizabeth asked.

Diane turned her head and looked at Elizabeth and saw Bill standing next to her. “Bill,” Diane said, “You better not be looking at me, you perv.” And then she started laughing, returned her gaze to Elizabeth and said, “I was hot and sweaty so I stripped.”

“What are you drinking?” Elizabeth asked.

“I wanted some tea and found a bunch of tea bags in the very back of the cabinet so I brewed up a pot of it,” Diane said, “and this is the best tea I’ve ever had.”

Elizabeth went over to the trash basket under the sink and looked inside. She looked at Bill and said, “Four tea bags.”

“Oh my God,” Bill whispered. “She’s got to be stoned out of her mind. I’ll go get a towel.”

Bill returned from the bathroom with a large towel and handed it to Elizabeth, who draped it over Diane. “Sweetie,” Elizabeth said, “you’re high as a kite. The tea you used was something Bill and I picked up at the pot dispensary on Saturday. One bag is plenty potent for four people and you used four on your own. Come on, stand up, and let me get you into your bed.”

Diane stood up while Elizabeth wrapped her in the bath towel. Diane looked at Elizabeth and, with tears in her eyes, said, “Lizzy, you’re the best roommate in the whole world and I’m so lucky to have you as a friend.”

Elizabeth put her arm around Diane and started leading her toward Diane’s bedroom. But Diane abruptly stopped and started walking toward the kitchen, the towel Elizabeth had wrapped her in falling to the ground. “Diane, what are you doing?”

“I have the munchies and I saw some leftover key lime pie in the fridge,” Diane said. “Hey, perv,” she called out to Bill. “Wanna cut me off a piece of that pie?” she asked. “But keep your perv eyes closed. I’m naked as the day I was born.”

Bill, smiling, looked back at Elizabeth, shrugged his shoulders in gesture of helplessness, and said to Diane, “Sure, let’s all share some of that key lime pie.” Then he looked at Elizabeth and said, “Hey Lizzy, do you want some tea?”

Written for this week’s Photo Challenge from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, and for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (glass). Photo credit: Daniel Fehr.

Apple Crumb Cake


One of the first things I do every morning when I wake up is check my iPhone to see what the WordPress one-word prompt is. Yeah, I know. That’s pretty sad. I need to get a life, right?

Anyway, today’s one-word prompt is “crumb.” As soon as I read that, my morning mouth started to salivate. My head was suddenly filled with visions of apple crumb cakes.

Second only to key lime pie…and maybe tiramisu…apple crumb cake is my favorite dessert. A dab of whipped cream or a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top adds to the delight.

I think a trip to my local bakery later today is in order. Thanks for the inspiration, WordPress.

One Constant Negotiation


“Brussel sprouts and baked potatoes,” his mother replied to her son’s inquiry about what side dishes she would be serving with the meatloaf she was preparing.

Ten-year-old Michael made a gag-like gesture, mimicking someone trying to avoid throwing up. “Brussel sprouts?” he shouted out. “Those things are barely edible. And I know Dad doesn’t like them either.”

“He’ll eat them,” she responded, “and so will you.”

“Will not,” Michael said defiantly, stomping his right foot down hard on the kitchen floor for added emphasis.

“You need to eat your veggies,” she insisted. “Brussel sprouts are good for you.”

“I hate any food that is green. Why are all of the things you say are good for me not even edible? Brussel sprouts suck, Mom.”

“They don’t ‘suck,’ Michael. You can’t just eat meats and starches for dinner. You need green vegetables. Would you prefer broccoli?”

“Broccoli is green, too,” Michael protested. “And it’s also inedible.”

“I can make cauliflower instead,” she offered. “Cauliflower isn’t green.”

“Yuck! Not edible!”

“Okay, fine,” his mother said. “You don’t have to eat the brussel sprouts, but then you won’t get dessert, either.”

Michael thought about that for a few seconds before asking, “What’s for dessert?”

“I made key lime pie,” she said with a smile, knowing it was one of Michael’s favorites.

A big grin came to Michael’s face. “Now that’s something green that is definitely edible,” he said. “I’ll eat three brussel sprouts.”

“Four or no pie,” she insisted.

“Okay fine, four brussel sprouts.”

Life with this kid is one constant negotiation, Michael’s mother thought.

This post was written for today’s one word prompt, “edible.”