Five Things — Favorite Burgers

Five Things

Dr. Tanya has this prompt called “5 Things,” where she asks us to list five things about a particular topic. Her latest topic is our five favorite burgers.

Let me start out by saying that I love hamburgers. Most of the hamburgers I eat are made from beef. I have also had bison (buffalo) burgers, turkey burgers, and even an Impossible burger, which is basically a veggie burger designed to mimic the taste of beef, which it doesn’t.

In any event, since 99% of the burgers I consume are beef, I’m going to focus on beef burgers. Is that okay with you? My response is essentially a variation on a theme, or the five favorite ways I like my burgers dressed.

And I will also preface my list of favorites by saying that my burgers must be cooked no more than medium rare, at the most. A burger that is medium well or well done is nothing short of an abomination.

Finally, cheese is a requirement. I prefer Swiss cheese, but cheddar is an acceptable alternative. Now let’s get down to business.

Basic cheeseburger: medium rare with Swiss cheese and lettuce and tomato.

Bacon cheeseburger: as above but with a couple of strips of crispy bacon added.

Mushroom cheeseburger: your basic cheeseburger but with sautéed mushrooms and, optionally, sautéed onions instead of lettuce and tomato.

Barbecue cheeseburger: your basic cheeseburger but with barbecue sauce added. May include sautéed mushrooms and onions as well.

California cheeseburger: your basic cheeseburger garnished with slices of avocado — or a generous dollop of guacamole — and, optionally, bacon and onions.California burger