An Intervention

769E7C38-D56E-463E-A146-7C3016329218“Oh jeez, it’s raining again,” Marcie said. “That makes like five rainy days in a row. And yet there you sit in front of your laptop with a big shit-eating grin on your face. How can you be so jolly in this miserable weather that we’ve been having all week?”

“Are you kidding me? Look at my stats, for crissake,” Danny said, turning the screen on his laptop in Marcie’s direction for her to see.”

“Okay,” Marcie said, “What, exactly, are you showing me?”

“It’s an Excel spreadsheet I put together to track my blog’s stats,” Danny explained. “Look at this,” he said with an orgulous smile on his face. “They are going through the roof! My blog is going viral!”

Marcie stared at her husband with a look that could only be described as mocking horror. “Are you serious, Danny?” she said. “I’m going stir crazy because of this incessant rain and you’re going all orgasmic over you freakin’ blog stats?”

“But honey, aren’t you proud of me?” Danny asked. “I’m averaging more than 400 views a day. And look at all these likes and comments.”

“That’s it,” Marcie said. “I’m calling your brother and giving him the activation code.”

“The activation code? What the hell are you talking about?”

“It’s a code that I give to a member of your family telling them to rush over here because it’s time for an intervention. You’ve got a serious addiction, Danny,” Marcie said. “There’s more to life than losing yourself in your blog.”

Written for these daily prompts: Weekly Prompts (rainy days), Word of the Day Challenge (jolly), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (stats), Ragtag Daily Prompt (orgulous), The Daily Spur (horror), and Your Daily Word Prompt (activation).

Time For An Intervention

Trump, New York, USA - 26 Sep 2018Today is the winter solstice. At least it is where I live. That means that today has the fewest hours of daylight of the year. It’s the shortest day of the year, although it’s still approximately 24 hours long, like every other day.

It’s appropriate that today is the winter solstice because these are very dark days for the United States and for the world. And today my patience is also at its darkest. The lunacy of the Trump presidency has reached infinity and beyond and I believe it’s time for someone to intervene before it’s too late.

Do you hear that Robert Mueller. Before it’s too late!

Trump, the spoiled little brat, is willing to shut down the federal government if he doesn’t get funding for his stupid border wall. He’s unilaterally withdrawing troops from Syria and Afghanistan, against the advice and counsel of our military and diplomatic leaders. He’s continuing his inhumane treatment of asylum-seeking families at the border. He’s kowtowing to the autocratic leaders of Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and China. He’s rolling back our environmental protections. His administrative staff team and Cabinet members are either resigning, being fired, or leaving in disgrace and he’s replacing them with unqualified Fox News personalities.

He constantly lies. He distracts. He divides, he enables the worst characteristics of human nature. He has no scruples, no morals. He’s out for himself.

Our liberal American democracy was not designed to have an autocratic, dictatorial, madman like Donald Trump as its leader.

It’s time for an intervention, America.

Written for these one-word prompt: Ragtag Daily Prompt (solstice), Word of the Day Challenge (infinity) Your Daily Word Prompt (believe), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (intervene), The Haunted Wordsmith Daily Word Prompt (liberal), and Scotts Daily Prompt design).