MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt — Everyday Objects

e9301ce7-05aa-4c3e-8b00-a20433e8bc13.jpeg“Oh yes, sage Uncle,” Billy said, his voice oozing with sarcasm, “regale us with your magical tricks. I can barely contain my enchantment over the wondrous things you will be sharing with us.

“Oh ye of little faith,” Uncle Scott said. “I promise you that what I will be showing you will pique your interests.”

“Come on, Billy,” his younger brother, Dennis, said. “Let’s see what Uncle Scott wants to show us.”

“Fine,” Billy said to Dennis. “It’s just that he’s nothing but a two-bit hustler and he makes my blood boil.”

“Yeah, Billy boy, don’t be such a cynic,” Scott said. “Now I need you two to come up with two everyday objects for my little demonstration. Dennis, let me have your fidget spinner. And Billy, hand me your iPhone.”

“No way,” Billy objected, “that I’m going to give you my iPhone.”

“Oh Billy,” Dennis said, “give it to him. It’ll be fun.”

Billy reluctantly handed his iPhone to his Uncle. With fidget spinner and iPhone in hand, Uncle Scott put them on the coffee table and covered them up with a hand towel. “Now watch this, nephews,” Uncle Scott said. “I’m going to recite an ancient Celtic incantation and these two everyday objects will vanish into thin air.”

“Wait!” Billy yelled. “You’re going to make my iPhone disappear. No way.”

“Don’t you trust me, kid?” Uncle Scott asked.

“Fine,” Billy said. “Just don’t break it.”

Uncle Scott began chanting in some language that neither Billy nor Dennis understood. When he finished, he pulled the hand towel away and the iPhone and fidget spinner were missing.

“Cool!” Squealed Dennis.

“Great,” said Billy unenthusiastically. “So where did they go?”

“Well, boys,” Uncle Scott said, “Truth be told, I know the incantation to make everyday objects disappear, but I haven’t quite figured out the one that can make them reappear.”

“Son of a bitch,” Billy muttered. “I knew it.”

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Sunday Writing Prompt (everyday objects) and for these daily prompts: Ragtag Daily Promot (sage), Swimmers (us), Your Daily Word Prompt (enchantment), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (pique), and Word of the Day Challenge (blood).

Let It Bleed — The Down Side of Magic

9424D891-551E-4F48-BDA7-09EB45860D0FKyle was a skeptic when his best buddy told him about the spellcaster. “I’m a stock broker, right? But truth be told, I didn’t know what I was doing and my clients weren’t at all happy with me,” his friend told Kyle. “I was probably days away from getting canned so I asked her if she could help.  She recited some sort of incantation over me and within a few days I became a wizard at my job. Now I’m taking in the boatloads of cash and have a stable full of wealthy clients. It was like a freakin’ miracle.”

After hearing this tale, Kyle, who was unlucky in love, decided to see if there might be a spell to help him be attractive to beautiful woman. So he went to see the same spellcaster, told her what he was looking for, and asked if she had a magic spell that could work for him. She said she did.

And boy did it work! Suddenly Kyle was in demand and he could pretty much take his pick of the most beautiful women around. And then he found the woman of his dreams and Kyle still couldn’t believe that he was actually dating her.

When they first started going out, every time he looked at her, that old song by America, “Sister Golden Hair,” came to mind. Especially the verse that goes “Well, I keep on thinkin’ ’bout you, sister golden hair surprise / And I just can’t live without you, can’t you see it in my eyes?”

But after a while Kyle began to feel that there was trouble in paradise. Sister Golden Hair was a jealous bitch. Despite her incredible beauty, her jealousy was driving Kyle crazy.

Kyle decided to pay another visit to the spellcaster to see if she could do anything to rectify the situation. She told Kyle that all she could do was reverse the original spell, and while he was reluctant to lose his sway over the most beautiful women, he asked the spellcaster to remove her spell.

The next time Kyle saw Sister Golden Hair, things between them got awkward quickly. After a few moments together, she reached out and held both of his hands and, with tears streaming down her cheeks, said, “Kyle, we need to stop seeing one another. Suddenly the magic is gone.”

“Yes, I feel that way, too,” he said, barely able to hide the look of relief on his face.

Written for this week’s Let It Bleed Challenge, where the prompt is the word “magic.”

And in case you’re not familiar with the song I referenced in this tale, here it is: