The World According To Trump

A4B4FE89-D507-47AC-A88D-82055CBA792EDonald Trump on human trafficking:

“Nobody knew too much about it until recently. It’s been going on for a million years, actually.”

First, he claims that “nobody knew too much about human trafficking until recently.” Seriously? What about slavery in the United States? That was human trafficking, was it not? The American Civil War was fought over slavery 160 years ago.

Human trafficking today is, in effect, modern-day slavery. It involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor, including for the commercial sex trade. Every year, millions of men, women, and children are trafficked in countries around the world, including the United States.

Then he claims that “it’s been going on for a million years.” That’s remarkable, given that the earliest fossils of Homo sapiens (modern humans beings) only date back to about 200,000 years ago. So, according to Trump, human trafficking has been going on for 800,000 years before modern humans even existed.

It is truly amazing what comes out of this imbecile’s mouth.

On Wheels and Walls

994c23b5-55c0-49c5-9e21-8d2a0f5c5f0b“They say a wall is medieval, well so is a wheel. A wheel is older than a wall,” Trump said today, later adding, “The wheel is older than the wall, you know that? There are some things that work. You know what? A wheel works and a wall works. Nothing like a wall.”

Then our imbicile president said, “And I looked, and every single car out there, even the really expensive ones that the Secret Service uses — and believe me they are expensive — I said, ‘Do they all have wheels?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Oh. I thought it was medieval.’”

It’s kind of ridiculous to have to fact check every “fact” our lying leader spews, but here goes.

The oldest walls found in existence so far are those of the temple of Gobekli Tepe in Urfa, southeast Turkey, which date to 11,500 years ago.

Conversely, the first wheels were created to serve as potter’s wheels around 3500 BC, or around 5,500 years ago, in Mesopotamia.

Donald, Donald, Donald. Haven’t you heard what a truly great president, Abraham Lincoln, said? “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

My Wife Made Me Do It

D82C1499-2879-42FC-AA11-613DAD40B630There are certain marital duties and responsibilities that every husband must fulfill. Today, I fulfilled one of the more important ones. I spent most of this morning sitting on the sofa next to my wife and watching the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on TV.

At her direction, last night before we went to bed, I set the DVR to start recording at around 3 am local time in order to make sure that it recorded not only the wedding ceremony itself, but all of the pre-wedding pomp and circumstance, as well as the post-wedding festivities.

Once we woke up this morning, I accompanied my wife as she sat, transfixed, taking it all in. We had our morning coffee on the sofa. I excused myself to prepare breakfast for the two of us so that she wouldn’t miss a hat or a dress. I brought our breakfast meals into the living room because eating in the dining room would have been too much of a distraction.

And I have to admit, I enjoyed watching the whole megillah. It served as a very satisfactory — even entertaining — diversion from the day-to-day reality of the real world in which we commoners live. I put down my phone, didn’t read my newsfeed, didn’t read the newspaper, and, for a while, anyway, I didn’t think about our imbecile of a president, gun violence in American schools (and all across America), the state of the world, the erosion of democratic principles in our country, and the destruction of our planet.

So I want to thank Harry and Meghan for permitting me a few hours of non-political R&R and a brief respite from the craziness that is swirling around us all.

And, of course, I want to thank my wife for making me do it.