Which Way the Wind Blows

FB76349B-9E2E-4334-B472-9A8A5B79FAF9“I know a lot about wind. If it doesn’t blow, you can forget about television for that night,” Donald Trump said at a campaign rally in Michigan yesterday. “Darling, I want to watch television. I’m sorry! The wind isn’t blowing,” he added.

What our brilliant leader apparently fails to understand is that wind energy can be stored in a variety of ways. Most power grids combine energy provided by different sources. Even the Trump Administration’s Department of Energy website notes that, even though the wind does not always blow, the power grid “can accommodate large penetrations of variable renewable power without sacrificing reliability.”

But I agree with Trump. He must know a lot about wind, given all the hot air he spews out.

I wonder what he thinks about solar power, since the sun doesn’t always shine. So much for Netflix and chill on rainy days, I guess.

What an idiot.

Time To Write — Six Things

28AE0E6E-9D29-48F3-AD07-5E139DC71714“Why are you crying, sweetheart,” Anita’s grandfather asked her.

Anita stopped crying and attempted to wipe away her tears. “Because, Poppy,” she said, “there’s a talent show at school next week and I told everyone that I could make balloon animals, but I’ve tried and tried and I just can’t seem to do it right.”

“Well, honey,” he said, “It takes a lot of hot air to blow up the balloons like that and maybe you’re having trouble because you’re not full of hot air, like some people I know.”

“But if I don’t have enough hot air,” Anita said, “how am I going to win the talent show? And look,” she said, pointing to a crudely drawn banner, “I already made a sign to advertise my balloon animals.”

“Maybe, Anita, it would be best to find another talent for you to show off to your classmates,” her grandfather suggested. “Let’s go out and get an ice cream cone and talk about what your real talents are.”

Written for Rachel Poli’s Time To Write prompt, using the random words animals, balloon, and best, and for Teresa’s Three Things Challenge where the the things are crying, grandfather, and banner.