Friday Fictioneers — The Blowing of the Conch

AA23BE06-29D7-44E7-8CE2-AD081F895F59At the same time every afternoon, he would shimmy up the bent trunk of the palm tree.

He would work his way out on the palm’s trunk just high enough to get a wide angle view of the horizon.

He would survey the sea, his eyes scanning from the south to the north and then back again.

And he would patiently wait until he saw the first signs of the outriggers breaking the horizon.

Then he would pick up his conch shell and blow loud to notify the villagers that the fishermen would be arriving home with the day’s catch.

(100 words)

Written for this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Photo credit: Susan Eames.

This Is My Life

EDAF4F9D-1EAA-4C58-B580-45DF5B4809FCI am standing alone on the deck of a giant cruise ship.
I am looking out toward the horizon.
I am looking west and watching the sunset.
Or am I looking east and watching the sunrise?
I’m not sure.
All I see is the ocean.
All around me.
I don’t know which way this ship is heading.
Or from which way it came.
I am unable to get my bearings.

This is my life.

(Exactly 74 words)

A09947C0-C393-403C-94DC-CA576114D568Written for Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt, where we are challenged to write a poem or piece of prose using the word “horizon” in exactly 74 words.

1F8AE82E-D4B7-418D-B464-FE9C60B08991Also written for Rachel Poli’s Time To Write: Set the Scene prompt, where we are challenged to write a story based in the setting of “a cruise ship.”

The Earth is Flat

39A6F498-CA50-4676-A021-B144B8EB35ABWhen I was still working, I used to have to fly a lot for my job. When the plane I was flying in was five or six miles above the planet, it was pretty obvious, looking out at the visible horizon, that the Earth is not flat.

And yet there is something called the Flat Earth Society, whose members claim to believe that the Earth is flat. To these idiots, the planet’s surface looks and feels flat, so it must, therefore, be flat. They deem all evidence to the contrary, such as satellite photos of Earth as a sphere, to be fabrications of a “round Earth conspiracy” orchestrated by NASA and other government agencies.

Seriously, I’m not making this up. According to the Flat Earth Society’s official website, “The evidence for a flat earth is derived from many different facets of science and philosophy. The simplest is by relying on one’s own senses to discern the true nature of the world around us. The world looks flat, the bottoms of clouds are flat, the movement of the sun; these are all examples of your senses telling you that we do not live on a spherical, heliocentric world.”

Flat Earthers believe that the Earth is in the form of a disk with the North Pole in the center and Antarctica as a wall around the edge. The Earth, they say, is surrounded on all sides by an ice wall that holds the oceans back. This ice wall is what explorers named Antarctica.

What is beyond the ice wall? Well, according to the Flat Earth Society, no one has been very far past the ice wall and returned to tell of their journey. “What we do know, the official website says, “is that it [the ice wall] encircles the earth and serves to hold in our oceans and helps protect us from whatever lies beyond.”

How much do you want to bet that members of the Flat Earth Society voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump in 2016?

Written for today’s one-word prompt, “horizon.”