And I’ll Prove It

You think I’m heartless and cheap. Well I’m neither heartless nor cheap and I can prove it to you. Here, take a look at this selfie. Would a heartless and cheap man be tossing a few coins at a homeless guy? No, he would not. This photo shows just how caring and generous I am. See, I told you that you’ve got me all wrong, didn’t I?

Written for a weekly challenge from Ebar.

Heartless and Gullible and ….

Crossing sign - Illegal migrants“This is a total violation of my civil rights as an American citizen,” Thomas whined in a reaction to what he just saw on Fox News.

“What do you mean, honey?” his wife asked him.

“These damn illegal immigrants,” Thomas said. “They are diminishing the glory of our country. They just walk across our southern border and demand asylum and those goddam progressives in Washington are playing right into it. It’s the quintessential political ploy of trying to concentrate a bunch of foreign people — criminals, rapists, and gang members — in red-blooded, American states like Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona so they can stack the deck against the Republicans. You know all those damn criminal aliens will vote for those goddam Democratic candidates. It’s all a bunch of bullshit, Sally.”

“But, honey, you’re a first generation American,” Sally pointed out. “If it weren’t for the legal migration of those seeking asylum from oppression in Europe, your parents wouldn’t have been able to come to the United States.”

“But my parents didn’t come here from some shithole country,” Thomas said.

“You sound like you’re reciting the rubric of the Republican talking points book on immigration,” Sally said. “When did you become so heartless, so gullible…and so stupid?”

Written for these one-word prompts: Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (violation), Scotts Daily Prompt (walk), Your Daily Word Prompt (quintessential), Daily Addictions (concentrate), Ragtag Daily Prompt (migration), and Word of the Day (rubric).

#writephoto — The Asylum Tree

img_1779“Look at that tree, Ma,” Alex said, pointing to a tree with limbs and branches covered torn pieces of cloth. “What does it mean?” he asked her.

“That, sweetie,” Cindy said, “is known as the ‘Asylum Tree.’ It’s meant to remind us of the struggles of people trying to come to the United States from other countries in order to escape violence and persecution.”

“Why does it have all of those rags tied to it?” Alex wanted to know.

“Well, under federal law, anyone from another country can seek asylum — and therefore entry into the U.S. — by claiming to have fled their countries out of fear of persecution over their race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group,” she explained.

“But President Trump is ignoring that law and arresting people from Central America who are seeking asylum,” Cindy said. “ And worse, he’s taking young children away from their mothers and fathers and putting the children into cages.”

“That’s terrible, Ma,” Alex said. “How can our president be so cruel, so heartless?”

“Many of us are asking that same question, Alex,” she agreed. “He is turning our country into a place that many of us don’t recognize anymore. We are embarrassed and ashamed.”

“But the rags,” he said. “I still don’t understand why they are attached to the tree.”

“Each of those pieces of cloth hanging from the tree branches,” she said, “represents a child who has been torn away from their mother or father to remind us of the inhumanity of Donald Trump and those who support him.”

“I hope that the next time we come to see this Asylum Tree, there will be no more rags tied to it,” Alex said.

“I hope so too, sweetie,” Cindy said.

Written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt.