Questions That Make Sense

It’s been a while since I’ve participated in one of Rory’s intriguing prompts, but I had some time on my hands today, so I figured I’d jump in and respond to the four aces he threw at us today.

1. What three senses could you NOT live without? Discuss why.

I’ve already lost my sense of taste, and I can’t hear out of my left ear, so my sense of hearing is down by 50%. But I think the most important sense and the one I’d hate losing the most is my common sense.

2. What is your favorite of these two and why? Pen or Pencil.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I used a pencil, so if I must choose between pen and pencil, I’d go with pen. That said, my handwriting is essentially illegible, even to me, so I’d choose neither a pen nor a pencil, but a keyboard or keypad.

3. What are your top 3 colors and why are they your favorites?

Blue, light gray, and dark gray. Hmm. I guess I’m just not a very colorful person.

4. Are you able to list 10 basic smells and if so what are they?

  • Popcorn 👍
  • Dog or cat poop 👎
  • The smell of cooking on an outdoor grill 👍
  • The smell of a wood-burning fire (in a fireplace, of course) 👍
  • Another person’s farts 👎
  • My farts 👍
  • Body odor 👎
  • Sizzling bacon 👍
  • Cigarette or cigar smoke 👎
  • Freshly baked bread 👍

In One Ear And Out The Other

In one ear out the otherI’ve always thought of the expression “in one ear and out the other” as an unkind way of saying that someone either doesn’t pay attention to what they’re hearing or has an inability to retain information. In other words, what they hear is essentially ignored, dismissed, or forgotten almost immediately after being heard.

These days, though, I would love to be able to hear things and have them go in one ear and out the other. Allow me to explain.

Since early October, I have had the sensation that my left ear is clogged and my head is stuffy. I can barely hear out of that ear, and it’s quite annoying. So I went to an ear, nose, and throat specialist last month, which I posted about here. Turns out I have an abnormal, noncancerous skin growth in the middle section of my ear, behind my eardrum, and I’m going to need surgery to remove that growth. Ugh.

The surgery to correct this issue is not scheduled until the end of December, right before the new year. Normally I would not be looking forward to having surgery on my head. But I’m also sick of the full, stuffed up feeling I’ve had inside my head for more than a month. And now I’ve got to wait almost another month to have it fixed. With my left ear clogged, most of the sounds I do hear come in from the right ear. Loud street noises, like sirens and the deep rumblings of large trucks and buses, get caught in my head and seem to rattle around inside my head, ricocheting from neuron to neuron with no way to escape. And that drives me crazy.

It’s also driving my wife crazy because I keep asking “What did you say?” whenever she says something to me.

All I want is to hear through both of my ears equally again without my head feeling all stuffed up. If the surgery is successful, that will be the case. And then I’ll be quite content to hear things go in one ear and out the other.

Swiftly Failing

Memory lossHow am I supposed to see your incredible beauty due to my swiftly failing vision?

How am I supposed to hear your words of endearment due to my swiftly failing hearing?

How am I supposed to recall our wonderful times together due to my swiftly failing memory?

How am I supposed to give you everything you deserve due to my swiftly failing health?

How am I supposed to leave you all alone in the world due to my swiftly failing life?

127CC2F1-5DD2-4410-92E5-3A6C9D699085Written for this week’s Tuesday Writing Prompts Challenge, where the prompt is to write a piece of prose or poetry with the phrase “swiftly failing memory” in it.

Share Your World — I Hear You, But Am I Listening?

Share Your WorldThis week, Melanie is stealing borrowing questions posed by other bloggers for her Share Your World prompt.

Are we losing the art of listening in comparison to simply hearing?

F80CF77A-297B-4312-A206-4C9F1E5C1745I’m sorry, I didn’t hear your question. Either that or I wasn’t listening. I do remember something my debate teacher told me in high school. He said “Listen for understanding, not for rebuttal.” This has nothing to do with the question, but I like the message. Do you hear me? Are you listening?

How often do you openly discuss with friends or here in WP with your readership topics that make you feel uncomfortable or may be taboo or stigma laden?

I don’t shy away from discussing controversial topics, either in real life or on WordPress. As to taboo and/or stigma laden, well, I’m not sure how to draw the line between controversial and taboo/stigma-laden.

Do you think that these discussions should be freely discussed and written about more?

I think discussions of controversial topics such as religion and politics should be encouraged. As to taboo or stigma-laden subjects, until I know what that really means, I can’t really answer this question.

Did you have a nickname as a child and if so, what was [or what is it now]?

I was tall and skinny as a kid, and my best friend’s father used to call me “string bean” and “scarecrow.” I’m no longer exceptionally tall nor am I skinny.

Why is there still ‘stuff’ we simply just don’t understand despite our progressive world?

There will always be “stuff” that we don’t fully understand. That’s why we invented gods.

Would you rather double your height or lose half your weight?

So would I rather be almost 12 feet tall or weigh 85 pounds? Seriously?

What is your most essential kitchen tool?

My coffee maker.

Who is one blogger you really admire and why?

I admire a lot of bloggers, so it’s difficult (and unnecessary) for me to try to pick just one. Sorry, Melanie.

One-Liner Thursday — Mazie Barr the Door

90A0CA11-BB85-44ED-AAF4-6D04FE62BE84I know that I usually post one-line quotes on Wednesday in response to Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday prompt. But yesterday, at the televised Senate Judiciary Committee hearing involving Attorney General (and Trump ass-kisser William Barr), Democratic Senator from Hawaii, Mazie Hirono, said this to Barr:

“Mr. Barr, now the American people know you’re no different than Rudy Giuliani or Kellyanne Conway or any of the other people who sacrificed their once-decent reputations for the grifter and liar who sits in the Oval Office.”

Oh Mazie, you go, girl!

But she didn’t stop there. She went on to say:

“But now we know more about your deep involvement and trying to cover up for Donald Trump. Being attorney general of the United States is a sacred trust. You have betrayed that trust. America deserves better. You should resign.”

Oh snap!

Unfortunately, the President believes that he is a dictator who is above the law and who can do whatever he wants to do — legal, ethical, moral, or otherwise. And the Attorney General of the United States, along with the Republicans in Congress, are his enablers. Barr isn’t going to resign, Republicans are not going to suddenly develop spines and scruples, and Trump isn’t going away anytime soon.