Sunday Photo Fiction — Proof Positive


It was the family’s last day in London. They headed out of their hotel to grab some breakfast before heading to Heathrow for their flight back to the States.

After finishing breakfast, the young daughter caught something out of the corner of her eye and she ran over to take a closer look. After confirming what she saw, she ran back to her parents and, in an excited voice, said, “Daddy, I need you to buy me something.”

“Sweetie,” her father said, “We already have enough souvenirs. We don’t need to buy any more tchotchkes.”

“I don’t know what tchotchkes are, Daddy,” the girl said, “but this isn’t a souvenir. Come see.” She grabbed her father’s hand and pulled him over to see what she wanted so badly. When the two of them, plus the little girl’s mother, saw what she had pointed out, her father and mother both started to laugh. The father bought the item and handed it to his daughter.

“I understand why you wanted this so much,” the father said to his daughter. “But your Mom and I didn’t need to see the headline in the newspaper to know that you exist, Nessie.”

(197 words)

Written for today’s Sunday Photo Fiction prompt from Susan Spaulding. Photo credit: C.E. Ayr.

Weekend Writing Prompt — Headline

417A58FD-774F-4562-8F03-4EFD1AB68614“Did you see the headline in the paper this morning?” my wife asked me when I sat down at the kitchen table.

“You mean the one about….”

“Yeah, that one.”

“I saw it,” I said.

“Did you read the article?”

“No, I can’t read that crap anymore.”

“Why not? Aren’t you interested?”

“No, not really.”

(55 words, exactly)

Written for Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt, “Headline.”F88F0CB2-DF71-47C4-8FF2-5646473E7880

One-Liner Wednesday — Narly Butts


“Surfrider fight to remove narly butts”

Did you ever read a newspaper article headline, scratch your head, read the headline again to see if you read it correctly the first time, say to yourself “what the hell,” and then feel compelled to read the article to find out what it could possibly be about?

That exact situation happened to me this week when I read the headline pictured above in my local neighborhood monthly newspaper.

At first I thought the article may have been about some surfer dude at a local nude beach who was upset about people who were exposing their fat, ugly, bare asses.

But I was wrong. It turns out that “Surfrider” is not some surfer dude’s nickname.  And “narly butts” are not what you think they are — or at least not what I thought the headline was referring to.

No, actually “Surfrider” is the name of a non-profit foundation. And “narly butts” are cigarette butts strewn all over the sidewalks. Who knew?

It turns that the Surfrider Foundation is fighting to keep cigarette butts off our community’s streets by asking local merchants to install cigarette disposal boxes outside of their places of business. That’s quite a noble undertaking, don’t you think?

And so I offer my congratulations to the person who wrote that article’s headline. He or she enticed me to read the article beneath the headline. That said, I was kind of hoping that it would have been about some angry surfer dude fighting a horde of bare-assed beach goers.

This post is for Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday prompt.