Thursday Inspiration — Head Games

For this week’s Thursday Inspiration, Jim Adams focused on the word “head,” and he used the song “Walk Away,” by Joe Walsh when he was with the James Gang.

Jim pointed out that Walsh’s song is about the end of his relationship with his first wife. This made me think of another song that deals with a tumultuous relationship where the guy has had it with his woman’s head games. The couple clearly isn’t communicating, and the psychological manipulations are taking their toll. That song is “Head Games” from Foreigner.

“Head Games” was the title-cut and second single taken from Foreigner’s third album release. It was written by Lou Gramm and Mick Jones, and was released in the U.S. in November 1979. It reached number 14 on the Billboard hot 100.

In the song, the guy complains to his girl that “no time ever seems right to talk about the reasons why you and I fight.” Then he declares that “it’s high time to draw the line, to put an end to this game, before it’s too late.” He emphatically tells her that he can’t take it anymore and doesn’t want to continue playing her head games.