SoCS — Spelling Matters

The group of about a hundred armband-wearing radicals gathered in the armory awaiting the speech by their local organizer. When he finally arrived, the audience members swarmed around him, shaking his hand and encouraging him before he got to the podium.

The attendees were silent as the speaker started talking. “My fellow Americans, I sincerely thank you for coming out on this very warm night. The only way for us to live in harmony with our American brothers and sisters is to sound the alarm. Those who wish to do us harm want to take away our rights and destroy the very fabric of our beloved county.”

After a large round of applause, the speaker continued. “Don’t allow yourself to be charmed by the rhetoric of the east coast globalist and elitists who want to disarm you with their flowery words. You must raise your arms toward the sky stand tall against the harmful ideas that would take away our God-given right to bare arms.”

Loud cheering ensued and the speaker raised his arms to quiet the crowd. “So before you go back to your homes and your farms tonight, in an act of solidarity and to demonstrate our harmoneous commitment to our cause, I command you to bare your arms!”

At that point, throughout the armory, the sounds of ripping fabric could be heard as the hundred attendees tore off the sleeves of their shirts and bared their arms.

An attendee in the back of the auditorium tapped one of the exuberant men on the shoulder and said, “What’s going on? I thought this was a rally to support our right to bear arms.”

“Oh no,” responded the other guy. “The rally for the right to bear arms is at the high school. This here is the rally for the right to bare arms.”

“Huh?” said the first guy.

“Spelling matters,” said the second guy.

Written for today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt from Linda G. Hill. The challenge is to write a post using the word “arm,” either as a stand-alone word or as a word with “arm” in it.